It's still the real me?

When all the boys go back home to spend time with their families,Niall is left in the house alone everyday while his parents work, after going for a walk one day 'discuised' so that he won't be recognised he meets Mason. His feelings for Mason grow stronger and stronger but she knows him as a completely different person than he actually is, how can he tell her he's in the worlds most famous boy bad without hurting her before he has to go back on tour with the rest of the boys?


7. Why is everything so perfect?

Nialls POV

Massy stayed at mine for the next week. Going back to hers every now and then to get her some more clothes. Though she didnt have much. Everything was perfect, She really liked me! Wait.. she doesnt like me she likes Ryan! well that is me. Its just not me. Its still the real me? 

I couldnt bare to think what would happen when she found out, I couldnt live as Ryan forever? 

When I woke, the first thing I noticed was Massy lying next to me, she was so beautiful. Her chocolate brown hair spread over the cream pillow. Once I managed to take my eyes off her I jumped as my phone vibrated next to me. 

It was Harley, My best friend. She lives in London but I've known her since Forever.

Babes :D!

the name she has been calling me since we were kids


I miss you! :O

I miss you too! :O r

It was true I really did miss her, but I suppose I have Massy so It's ok. 

When am I seeing you again? :(

Soon, I promise

I never broke a promise 


I have so much to tell you! 

I couldnt wait to tell her all about Massy! she'd be so happy for me

Ohh, I like a good gossip, Anyway I have to go! :'(

Okay, sweet cheeks, I love you?

I love you too!!!

Anyone that would read thoses messages would clearly think we were dating, we were just as close as two peas in a pod! I told her everything!

Just then I heard Massy yawn, and she turned over,

"Morning sweetness!" I kissed her on the nose, and she giggled. 

A few hours later I asked Massy to go pick up some stuff from the corner shop. So that I could make a few phone calls when she was away. The most important one being to my Mum. 

She agreed to go.

"I need some fresh air anyway." She kissed my cheek and walked out. 

I waited till I saw her turn the street corner before dialing my Mums number. 

It rang for a while, I was about to hang up when..

"Hello" My mother said

"Hey Mum" I replied 

She asked all the mothery questions, and I eventually told her all about Massy. 

"Oh darling.. Dont lie to this girl!, As soon as she gets back you tell her!"

"Butt..but.." I hesitated 

"Mother knows best"  I smiled, It was true she always has known best.



"I promise mum,Hows Paris?"

"Amazing darling, you'd love it!, I have to go, and by the way.. it looks like I might have to stay longer than I thought"

Disappointment spread across my face 

"Okay mum" More time with Massy I suppose? 

Once she hung up, I thought I might have time for one more phone call

I rung Louis but he didnt answer so I tried Harry. 

"Hello" He yawned, typical Harry, mid-day and only just woken

"Hey, Mate" 

"You alright man!" 

"Yeah, you?" 


I put Harry on speaker so that I could talk while making Massy breakfast. 

"hows home?" He asked, still half asleep by the sound of it.

"Home alone" I stopped "Well.."

"Well what?" He sounded excited "You got a girl?" 

"Long story.. but yeah"

"Long story?"

"Well.. "

"She has no idea who you are, does she?"

"Nope"  I said quickly 

"God Niall, next you'll be telling me you've come up with a fake name too!" He laughed.

"umm.." I Hesitated 

"No, No way!, you didnt!" He was laughing so much, "Alright, whats your name?"


He bust out laughing! "Your an idiot, Tell her the truth!"

Just then the door swung open. "Igottagobye" I said very quickly

"By-" And I hung up. 

Masons POV:

As I Walked through the door I heard Ryan Hang up the phone, very quickly. I was suspicious 

He smiled the most guilty smile. "Hey Love" He said, like nothing had just happened.

"Umm..hi" I said putting my bags on the kitchen bench and trying to smile. "Who was that?" 

"Who was who?" 

"On the phone?" I said in a i'm not stupid kind of voice?

"Oh..Nobody important" He said.. 

I went up the stairs to place the things I had collected from my house on the way back into his room.  Who was he talking to? Whats going on?






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