It's still the real me?

When all the boys go back home to spend time with their families,Niall is left in the house alone everyday while his parents work, after going for a walk one day 'discuised' so that he won't be recognised he meets Mason. His feelings for Mason grow stronger and stronger but she knows him as a completely different person than he actually is, how can he tell her he's in the worlds most famous boy bad without hurting her before he has to go back on tour with the rest of the boys?


6. Where is he?

Masons POV:

When I woke the next morning I didnt open my eyes, I suddenly remembered where I was. I turned over, But Ryans side, was empty? I shot up climbed out of the bed and tiptoed down the stairs, so quietly I could barley hear my own footsteps. 

I checked all the rooms down stairs and up, but he wasnt there. I broke down in tears hes sick of me already I thought! I through myself on the sofa and sobbed, 

Just then the door burst open.

"Morning" Ryan said walking into the kitchen.

I didnt say anything i rubbed my eyes and sniffed. 

"Hayy.." He said walking over to me and cradling me in his arms, he could tell I'd been crying "Whats wrong?" 

"I thought you'd left, sick of me already." 

"No way, I was getting you a little present" He went back into the kitchen and came back with a gift wrapped box. He handed me it and stood behind me.

I opened it slowly, Inside was a shiny white box, i turned it on its side and read.. iPhone 4S.

I took the lid off the box and saw, a phone, just like Ryans the same one I had been fascinated by the night before! 

"Awwh Ryan" I shirked 

He lined over me and hit the home buttton, the picture of me and Ryan i had took the night before appeared on the screen.  

"Thank You!" I swung my arms around his neck! 

"No problem" He smiled, "So where to today?" 




~Authors Note~ 

Sorry this was such a short chapter, a bit stuck for ideas , give me time  I promise I'll update again tomorrow<3 

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