It's still the real me?

When all the boys go back home to spend time with their families,Niall is left in the house alone everyday while his parents work, after going for a walk one day 'discuised' so that he won't be recognised he meets Mason. His feelings for Mason grow stronger and stronger but she knows him as a completely different person than he actually is, how can he tell her he's in the worlds most famous boy bad without hurting her before he has to go back on tour with the rest of the boys?


4. When in Nandos..

Masons POV:

I was still holding Ryan's hand when we entered Nandos It took us around an hour to walk there. We walked over to a waitress and Ryan politely asked for a table for two, she nodded and lead us to a table.Ryan pulled out my chair for me to sit down

'There you go' he smiled 

'what a gentlemen you have there,' said the waitress 'Your very lucky' she winked at me and I blushed 'I'll be back soon to take your order but for now drinks?'

'Coke for me, Massy?' Ryan asked

'The same' I smiled and she walked away. I'd known this guy two minutes and already everything was perfect, i was so lost in my fantastic fairy-tale that I completely forgot!

'WAIT! Ryan, I can't eat here!' I worried

'Why not?' Ryan looked confused

'I don't have any money to pay for all of this!'

he started to laugh.

'what?' I said embarrassed 

'so? I'm paying silly,' 'It wouldn't be a date otherwise' he smiled 

'A..a...a date?' I said blushing even more. He started to look worried

'Un..unless, you dont want it to be a date that's fin...'

I reached for his hand and cut him off. 'A date..a date it is' I smiled at him and he smiled back.

When it came to the time to order. i ordered the cheapest thing on the menu as i didnt want to be rude whereas Ryan basically ordered the whole menu. after he ordered I laughed

'Big appetite?' I said 

'The biggest' He replied.


Nialls POV:

We stayed in Nandos another few hours after we had finished eating; talking joking and laughing. I still didnt understand why she didnt recognize me, she didnt get out much did she.I finally plucked up the courage to ask her the question I'd been dying to ask. 

'So Massy, ever heard of One Direction?' i held my breath 

'What?' she looked confused 'Who are they?'

'Oh, just some boy band every girl seems to be crazy about' I said trying to play it cool 'you sure you dont know them?' I raised an eyebrow. 

'Yup, i have no clue who your little One Celebration ar..'

'Direction!' i corrected her. 

'What?, Oh what ever! I dont know who they are, I dont get out much..I dont even have a TV' she laughed. 

I choked on the coke I was sipping 'What?' i wiped my mouth with a napkin 'How do you live'

She laughed 'Omg! its 4pm already!, it was breakfast two minutes ago i left the house at 10;30!' 

'Excuse me' I asked the waiter. 'Check please' he smiled. 

I payed the check and took Massy's hand 'Come on I'll walk you home,' she stood up. 'Its a long walk home.'

On the walk home I kept telling myself to tell her who I really was, That my name was not Ryan and I was Niall Horan! one member of the worlds biggest boy band! and that i would be leaving for tour in a few months time. 

Masons POV

He walked me all the way home. It was around 5;30 when we got there, and it was already getting dark I wanted to invite him in but I realized how messy my house actually was and how it looked like a bomb had hit it so I decided against it.

'Thank you for a lovely day' I smiled at him 

'I could say the same thing to you' he smiled back 'So can i have your number?, just to keep in contact?' he asked me

'Ummm.. well i dont really, have a mobile?' I said 

'Facbook?' He asked

'Nope, no computer.' i said trying to smile

'house phone?' 

i thought for a second. The only person who ever rung my house phone was my mother maybe once every six months or so? \It would feel weird picking up the phone to someone other than her, 

still I kindly handed Ryan my home number. 

After handing him my number I turned to unlock my front door he grabbed my arm 

'I'll call you?' He said quietly 

I nodded, he lent over and softly kissed my cheek. I smiled and without saying another word I unlocked my front door through my bag on the sofa ran into my room and through my self onto my bed. 

I was so happy! I quietly screamed to myself and fell asleep, smiling.  

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