It's still the real me?

When all the boys go back home to spend time with their families,Niall is left in the house alone everyday while his parents work, after going for a walk one day 'discuised' so that he won't be recognised he meets Mason. His feelings for Mason grow stronger and stronger but she knows him as a completely different person than he actually is, how can he tell her he's in the worlds most famous boy bad without hurting her before he has to go back on tour with the rest of the boys?


2. He suited that name..

Niall's POV:

I stepped out my front door and stood on my door step. I suddenly realised that I was standing fully exposed to everyone of Mullingar, fully exposed as one of the five members of One Direction the biggest boy band in the world! I suddenly panicked and rethought my idea of my morning stroll. I Had a sudden thought and opened my door again and ran up to my bedroom, and grabbed my black ray ban sun glasses, one of my snap back hats that I positioned to cover half my face and I wrapped a scarf around my neck to cover the other half. It was summer and it was one of the warmest summers we've had in a while, everyone else would be walking around in shorts and singlets... But no I'm going for a walk in a scarf, I was going to get some pretty weird looks but.. At least no one would recognise me. I grabbed my keys off the counter and I picked my phone off the arm of the couch to see I had two missed calls from my mum. I quickly called her back, thinking something was wrong, she answered almost straight away

'Niall honey' she said in her soft but quite voice.

'Mum..what's wrong?' I said I was getting a bit panicky.

'oh no, nothing darling, it's just I have to go away on a little business trip to paris for around about 2 months she sounded sad 'I'm so sorry sweetie, I know you really wanted to spend this time together'  

2 months I though, that's how long I have left here in Mullingar, she wasnt going to be here at all?, I knew I couldn't sound upset in front of my mother so I swallowed the tears. 

'sure mum, it's fine.we can just spend sometime together another time.'

'are you sure honey' I was sure she had been swallowing tears as well  

'positive!' I assured her, but I was upset.

'ok, I have mary-Lou coming to pack my suit case and drop it off here i dont want you going about in my undies, I leave tonight!'

Mary-Lou was mums best friend, when I was younger I used to call her auntie Lou!

'um.. Ok, do you want me to stay in for her coming I was just about to pop out?' I hoped she'd say no, I love Mary-Lou but I needed sometime to myself.

'no,no dear just slide the spare key under the door mat and she'll post it through when she's done' 

'okay mum, i'll see you soon' 

'I'll call you when I arrive in Paris,' 

'ok, bye' 

'ByeBye honey'  And with that she hung up. I took a deep breath and let it out. I searched in the kitchen for the spare key and after I eventually found it I unlocked the door with my key and placed the spare key under the door mat. I walked down my path opened the gate as headed towards a small park.  


Masons POV:

I walked out of the small corner shop in the west of Mullingar with my heavy paint of milk.  I squeezed my way though the few people trying to enter the store And apologised as I accidentally hit people with my bag containing a milk carton. I made my way to the small park close to my house. I didn't like making eye contact with any people as I was walking as I wasn't a very sociable person, do I started messing around with my nails, stupidly not looking where I was going and then !BANG! 'hey, watch where you'r going you..' I suddenly looked up and saw two gorgeous eyes starring into mine,  I was lost for words. 

Nialls POV: 

Omg! No! She knows it's me I knew this was a bad idea! I braced myself ready for her to scream! I gritted my teeth together and closed my eyes. 

'hey, look I'm sorry,' she said picking up the milk she had dropped'are you okay?' I was confused, did she recognise me or not? 'I'm Mason, but  my mother calls me Massy,what's yours?' she smiled at me, she really was beautiful. 

'Ni-Ryan!' I quickly said remembering I was supposed to be under cover.

'Ni-Ryan?' she raised one eyebrow at me.

'Ryan, my name is Ryan' I assured her, I got a tight feeling in my stomach I hate lying!  'i'm sorry I really have to go' I said quickly and I ran off. 

'Wait! Ryan!' I heard her voice trail away.  When I eventually got home I opened my front door and  quickly ran inside I closed my eyes and lent Against my door.. 


'ahhhh!' I screamed bursting my eyes open and jumping 2 ft off the ground. 

'oh sorry Niall I didn't mean to scare you!' it was Mary-Lou.' i didn't think you'd be back so early i was just about to leave when you walked in, I'm going to have to head to your mums work and drop this of for her, I'll see you soon yeah?'

I still didn't say anything I just nodded and She left.  For the rest of the night I kept thinking about the beautiful girl I had run away from in the park.. Mason.. Massy.. She suited that name. Why didn't I stay and talk to her! She must of wanted me to? 

Masons POV:  

A tear escaped my eye as he left, for the rest of the night I kept thinking about his gorgeous eyes, I kept thinking about him! Why had he run away so quickly am I really that ugly?.. Ryan.. That was his name, although he didn't seem sure of it, but Ryan.. He suited that name. 

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