It's still the real me?

When all the boys go back home to spend time with their families,Niall is left in the house alone everyday while his parents work, after going for a walk one day 'discuised' so that he won't be recognised he meets Mason. His feelings for Mason grow stronger and stronger but she knows him as a completely different person than he actually is, how can he tell her he's in the worlds most famous boy bad without hurting her before he has to go back on tour with the rest of the boys?


5. A Cinderella Story

Masons POV:

I woke to the sound of a ringing phone. I stumbled out of bed and answered the phone with a crocked voice and one eye open.

'Hello' I said rubbing my eyes

'Hey' Ryan's strong accent soared down my phone.

'Why did you call so early' I yawned 'i just got up' 

He laughed 'Mason,its 3;30!' 

'WHAT!CRAP!' I searched for my watch, when i eventually found it i realized he wasn't joking and it actually was 1;30pm! 

He was still laughing, 'Hay, maybe you were dreaming?' I could tell in his voice he was smiling 'Maybe you were dreaming of someone special?' 

I smiled at that, its like he could read my mind. I had an amazing sleep last night dreaming about Ryan, with his amazing eyes and bleached blonde hair. 'Maybe' I said. 

'So anyway, want to come over and hang?' He asked 

'Sure' I said

'Great, want me to come pick you up?'


'Great I'll be over in about an hour?'

'Okay then, see you soon, bye' I said and hung up.


Nialls POV:

'Okay then, see you soon, bye' Her soft Irish accent flowed through the phone before she hung up. 

I quickly got changed into some trackies  and a JW-tee (one thing I didn't tell her was that I had also Just woken up). I went to the bathroom and spiked my hair, I figured I didnt need to wear my Ryan disguise when i was only with her seeing as she had no idea who Niall Horan was? but when i was going out in public I had to make so effort to cover up. So I grabbed my Ray-Bans to cover my face and Snap-back to cover my hair. 

I got rid of everything in the house that could give away my identity to Massy and put it in a drawer. 

After cleaning the house and making it look 'respectable' for Massy I set out.

 After picking up Massy, I suggested we go to the video store and rent out some DVD's have a movie night. 

~ 10 Minutes later ~ 

'What kind of movies you like?' I asked her, while looking around the video shop.

'I dont know' she said running her finger along the tops of the DVD boxes.

'Scary movies?' 

'I dont know' 


'I dont know?'


'I dont know' 

I could tell she didnt watch many movies very often.. but how could she? she didnt have a Tv? I was about to give up when.. 'Disney Movies?' I asked 

Her eyes sprung up to meet mine and she smiled. 


Masons POV:

When we arrived back at Ryan's we sat and talked for a bit before putting on the movies. I was curious to where his parents were, I wasn't too sure if i should ask as he may be in the same situation as me, and i know i don't like to talk about it, 

'My Dad lives in London with my brother, and my Mum's on a business trip for a few months' He said after I finally asked 'So I'm living on my own for a while' He winked at me and I blushed. 

'So. do you wanna give your Mum a call,to let her know where you are?' He asked me whilst putting a bag of pop-corn in the microwave and my heart sunk...

'I...I..I don't live with my Mother' I blurted out. 

Ryan turned around, 'Oh. Your Dad then' 

'My Father is dead.' I whispered 

'What?' Ryan said switching the light off so that we were in darkness and sitting down.. 

'My Father is dead.' I said a little loader.

'Massy..' He took my hand. I could tell he knew what I said but he just wanted me to repeat it so he could be sure he heard it right..

'My Father is dead' I blurted out before bursting into tears and falling into his arms.

'Shhh shh shh shhhh...Its okay' He said stroking my brown curls 'Hey,' he said lifting me off his chest and moving my hair away from my eyes 'Do you want to talk about it?' he asked. 

I had never spoken to anyone about it, but I felt safe with him, I wanted to tell him everything about me and my family and thats exactly what I did. I told him everything about my Mother and Father, and how I'm waiting for the phone call to say my mothers coming home. By the time I had finished talking I saw tears in Ryans eyes. 

'Oh..Massy.. I had no idea..' a tear escaped his eye, I lent over and whipped it away with my thumb. After whipping it away,Ryan put his hand on the side of my face and pulled me close, he kissed me ever so softly. Once he released me he held my head in place 'How about those movies?' he said smiling, I smiled back. 

The first movie Ryan had picked was Cinderella, It felt like the perfect movie for the moment, I lay on Ryan's chest and thought to myself, Am I living in my own little fairy-tale? I tured around and looked at Ryan, He looked back at me and softly kissed me before returning his eyes back to the Cinderella story. 


Nialls POV:


I just kissed the girl of my dreams, and she doesn't even know its me. 

I looked down at her beautiful brown curls flowing over her face and pulled her closer to me. 

I wanted to tell her everything, but I couldn't. I wanted to tell her I was Niall! but I couldnt; I couldnt risk her getting hurt or scared any more than she already is with the pain of her parents, all the hate she would get from so called 'fans' and the ridiculous rumors that tabloids would spread. I could already see the headlines in my head...




I didnt want to her to get hurt.. but i was scared she would be hurt even more when she found out I had been lying to her. My thoughts were interrupted by the sight of Massy scrolling through my phone, I could tell she had never see an IPhone before, she looked so fascinated by it. 

'Do you even know how to work that?' I laughed,

'Nope' She said,'But I'm learning' she looked at me and smiled. 

'Need a teacher?' I asked, She nodded

'Yes Sir!' she joked

I spent the next hour or two teacher he all she needed to know about the IPhone. 

'Come here' she said positioning the camera to take our photo 'Smile' she flashed her beautiful white teeth at the camera and clicked the screen. 

'I've never seen anything like this thing!!' She said

I laughed 'It's cool hay?'

'Its amazing!' she laughed 

'Your amazing, Massy' I looked right into her eyes 

'Your amazing, Ryan' I kissed her right on the lips and wished she'd never pull away.


By the end of our forth movie Massy was sound asleep on my chest, I didn't want her to be uncomfortable sleeping on the sofa so I lifted her up in a Cinderella lift and carried her up to my bed. I tucked her in, kissed her forehead and turned to walk out the door when she grabbed my arm, 

'Don't leave' she said

I smiled at her and slit in beside her and let her fall asleep on my chest.  

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