you knew by meeting someone knew could change your life ?


2. the new beginning


The next morning , the guys and i started with our daily weekly routine 

7-7.40 : jogging

7.50-8.30 : breakfast 

8.50-10: Football 

10-12 : free time 

12.30-1 : lunch 

1.30-2.30: swimming 

2.40-6: free time 

6-7 : dinner 

7-10.30 : free time 

We followed this routine everyday well except Saturday and Sunday cause that's when we got to do anything we want. at around three o'clock i was in my music room . yeah i forgot to say right ... well , i am a really musical person but does not keep in touch with the latest songs cause i just have to time to go online. now back to reality. The next day while we were jogging i turned to Leo and Blake '' Hurry up ! '' they were soooo slow . i was running backwards facing them I was so far from then, '' mate ! watch were your going '' i heard a husky voice from my back i appeared to have bumped into him. My bad . '' sorry '' i said holding my hand out for him to get up , '' sorry too '' he replied '' Sorry for what i was the one that crashed into you '' '' i am sorry for thinking you were a boy , love '' he said . Okay .. i could not keep my eyes of his green eyes and his curly , curly hair . I finally snapped out of it '' nah ! it okay i get that a lot '' he laughed and then i felt a tap on my shoulder it was Leo , they finally catching up '' i got to go '' i said to Mr . curly and waved good bye 


I need time for myself and decided to go for a walk '' Boo i am going for a walk '' i shouted and he replied a simply '' okay '' while i was walking down the streets of London I kept my head low , i don't want anyone to recognize me . then someone crashed in to me , '' mate ! watch were your going '' i said a bit angry '' sorry '' i heard , dang it it was not a guy at all it was instead a beautiful teenager with her brown chocolate hair put in a pony and her eyes , her eyes were the best in the world they were a greener than emeralds. She held her hand out and grabbed it to pull myself up. I apologized for thinking she was a guy then just when i was gonna ask her for her name two guys came up from behind her and touched her shoulder. " i got to go '' she said and waved . i hope i meet her again .


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