you knew by meeting someone knew could change your life ?



Im Skai but please call me Kai . I grew up with boys , my mum died when i was one so i don't remember much of her . I grew up with my Father and THREE older brothers Andrew , Nicko and Josh. I also have the most AWESOME friend ( Boys ) Leo and Blake have been my friends since we were two. All this means i'm tomboyish , I  love SPORTS such as  Football ( UK ) , Basketball , Swimming , Martial Arts and Netball. I got a scholarship to a sports school in LONDON luckly my two best friends are coming too ... YEY 


'' Bye dad '' i said as i hugged him '' bye brothers '' i said and hugged all three of them . I finally said goodbye and hopped into Blake's car .


~~ after the plane ride ~~

Our flight was ok-ok , but when we drove up to the house our school offered us we just stared with our mouth opened. I ran inside fast , so that i could dib the biggest room. GRANTED !! I quickly put my things inside the room and toured the house.WE had a Martial Art mat in one room a pool and a basket ball court in the back yard and a big living room . WOW a dream came true .... 


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