LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 1- Unforggetable Summer!

Tamara's best friend Monica is taking her to England for Summer just to go to one campsite! Tamara doesn't notice what campsite it is till she walks in to the entrance and stops dead in her tracks before screaming. Little do they know that on the other side of the bushes to their campsite is another where ONE DIRECTION are staying for summer as well! They keep there cool but become closer to each other over the summer, Tamara and Niall have something special so do Harry and Monica but dose the love last after Summer? Find out about after summer in "LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 2- Love.... Or Hurt" I'll post 2 when it's done! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it!

No copying, and no hate.

Now just sit back and enjoy the rollercoster that is life x


13. SNAP!

Tamara's P.O.V.

"So this is the plan at the airport we get pics with them, I say I need to go to the toilet and take the camera I print the airport and put them in the scrapbooks, ok?" I say to Monica "yep!" She says with a smile as we stick in the pics from last. I Feel a tear forming in my eye. "You ok Tam?" She asks hugging me "I'm gunna miss this, them... Niall. What's going to happen when we go back to Australia? Will we all talk? will we all see each other?" I say and start crying Monica quickly hides the scrapbooks as she hears people coming, it's the boys! "What's wrong?" asks Lou sadly "Tamara? Are you ok??" Says Niall running up to me and hugging me like he was protecting me from someone again "I I'm ok" I say as he pulls me closer to him and kisses me, "I love you" he says and I start crying again. "Let's let them talk, silly string war in the boys camp area?" Asks Harry I mouth thank you to him as they all go away "what's wrong beautiful! I demand you to tell me!" He says hugging my tightly trying to stop me from crying but I can't, "I'm never going to see you after today, you'll just forget about me as soon as I leave on the plane!" I burst out crying more than before. "No No, Tam, Don't say that! Your my princess i'll never forget about you! Promise, we have each others Skype and number! I'll be sad when you leave.. I think I'll cry to, and I'll see you again! I can promise you, I can't wait to upload those pics on twitter and at the right time tell everyone I'm your boy friend and your my princess!" He demands, I smile "so where not going to break up when I go back to Australia?" I ask "HE'LL NO! You mean the world to me! I'm not going to let distance destroy our love Tam!" He says and hugs me so tightly that all I wants to breath, so I stop crying and kiss him, "I'll miss you Nialler!" I say "so will I beautiful!" We kiss again and I don't feel sad anymore, me and Niall get up and make a surprise breakfast with the a camera, Niall puts an egg in my hair so I put batter in his face I squeal as he puts the rest of the batter on me, the others walk in to see us covered in pancake mix ".. It was suppose to be a surprise breakfast" I laugh and niall kisses me, "we'll that's not gunna work out!" Says Liam "how about French toast?" Asks Zayn we all agree and make it together, and sit down for or last meal together.
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