LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 1- Unforggetable Summer!

Tamara's best friend Monica is taking her to England for Summer just to go to one campsite! Tamara doesn't notice what campsite it is till she walks in to the entrance and stops dead in her tracks before screaming. Little do they know that on the other side of the bushes to their campsite is another where ONE DIRECTION are staying for summer as well! They keep there cool but become closer to each other over the summer, Tamara and Niall have something special so do Harry and Monica but dose the love last after Summer? Find out about after summer in "LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 2- Love.... Or Hurt" I'll post 2 when it's done! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it!

No copying, and no hate.

Now just sit back and enjoy the rollercoster that is life x


11. Scrapbooks!

Monica's P.O.V.

Me and Tam got up really early and got ours and the boys cameras without them knowing, I bought a small printer and Tam brought to really big scrap books it was going to be one each but we didn't know the boys were here so it was gunna be one for all of them and one for us two. We made them look amazing with little materials, we knew when to give them to them but they weren't finished, we put notes on the first page for each of the boys from each of us, and we had a note saying here's some more stick them in? Which would be for the part and airport pics before we leave.  Once we had done that we hid them made breakfast, and just waited for the boys to wake up. After they did the boys called some people, me and Tam didn't know who so we just went in our tents half an hour later the boys call us and we go out to see the instrument players for one direction, we got introduced and they were all very nice! "Harry, why are they here?" I ask "for the party!!" He answers "ok" I say and kiss him.

We decide to make lunch for the boys, they must be hungry! And after we all help set up for the party, it looked amazing! No one could believe how good it looked!
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