LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 1- Unforggetable Summer!

Tamara's best friend Monica is taking her to England for Summer just to go to one campsite! Tamara doesn't notice what campsite it is till she walks in to the entrance and stops dead in her tracks before screaming. Little do they know that on the other side of the bushes to their campsite is another where ONE DIRECTION are staying for summer as well! They keep there cool but become closer to each other over the summer, Tamara and Niall have something special so do Harry and Monica but dose the love last after Summer? Find out about after summer in "LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 2- Love.... Or Hurt" I'll post 2 when it's done! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it!

No copying, and no hate.

Now just sit back and enjoy the rollercoster that is life x


5. Payback is best served cold (like chicken.... Mmmmm chicken....)

Niall's P.O.V.

"Niall, wake up!" "what?" " I need your help!" I get up to see Monica standing there "please" she adds "alright!" I say trying not to wake up Tamara who's asleep next to me. We walk over to Monica's tent, Harry's waiting for us, "what?" Me and Harry say at the same time "I need your help to get back at Tamara!" She says "how can we help?" I say laughing, "well it's going to happen...after summer when she wouldn't expect it. do you think we could be at a concert, and Niall u say now everyone meet my amazing girlfriend Tamara, come on up, and u make her sing, because she hates singing in front of people and being center of attention?" Says Monica "sure! I'll ask, but we will make it in London? U guys will have to come here," adds Harry  "and we can get tickets for you two, Wait! is Tam a good singer i dont want to embarrass her..??"  I  says "Niall she's amazing but she Dosent think she is!" Reply's back Monica "sounds like a plan!" Adds Harry.
While we're the only three up we decide to make breakfast "I'll cook the bacon!" I say. As I'm cooking I think to myself I need to say Tamar's my girl friend in Ireland to! Maybe at the football grand final ill invite her and for sure they'll make me sing with the boys, Monica and Tamara can come to and I can tell Ireland personally about Tamara. I think it's a perfect plan so I go over and ask Monica and Harry, luckily they agree, and then it happened...... my heart felt it, shes the one, my princess I've been waiting for all my life, she's here! Finally.

After we had cooked and set up we decided to wake up Liam to get the others up, Me Monica and Harry all had our cameras ready "WAKE UP!"
"IM WAKE!" Screams Tamara I take a pic of her, Harry takes one of Louis and lastly, Monica takes one of Zayn. I go over to Tamara "morning boo" I say as I move the hair out of her eyes "Niall, wait NIALL! U can't see me in the mornings I look ugly!" She says and puts her blanket over her head, "I don't care, to me you allways look beautiful!" I say and take the blanket away from her, she kisses me on the cheek and we both stare into each others eyes before she interrupts "I'm hungry!" She moans and goes over to the table and piles a plate with food, "good cooking guys, your getting better!" She smiles. We laugh, "what?" She answers back "you need to go shopping" says Monica "ARE U SERIOUSE?!?!" She says "yep" I say and kiss her on the nose. "Monica" "yes Tamara?" Asks Monica looking confused  "Looks like we're  going shopping!" "Oh no!" "And get some nice dresses" I say "why?" Adds Monica "because, there's going to be a party on the last day of our unforgettable summer" I say with a wink we all laugh.

"WHO LIKES WATER MOBILES?"  Screams Liam "oh, no, mr.timetable no Funs back!" Says Tamara with a giggle, we all follow Liam to a river where there's 8 water mobiles, "one extra, dibs red!" Says Tamara jumping onto the red one "Me green!" I shout and go on the green one. We've all got our own and  are riding around the river with our cameras I catch a pic of Monica and Harry kissing but I think Harry got one of me and Tamara kissing too. After about 20 minuets we all head down to the beach, me and the boys surf and the girls tan for a bit before me and Harry go and sit with them, "Wonna surf, Tam?" I ask "I can't surf" she says blushing "that's nothing to be embarrassed About! Come on ill show u!" And before she could say no I grab her hand and drag her over to my surf bored, as I walk I hear Monica say that's cute, I look back at them and they have there cameras taking pic of everyone, so I get Tamara to turn to them as we're walking and they get about 3 pics before I pick her off up and run in the water, hoping they got some pics of that! After Tamara fell off her bored about 15 times Monica and Harry come over with there cameras, they got a great one of Zayn, Liam and Louis on one bored and got one when they fell off! It was so funny I forgot I was making sure Tamara wouldn't fall off and we lost control and fell to, hopefully they didn't get that one! "Tamara!" I say at one point "yes Niall?" "I love u boo" I say as I pick her up while we're on the bored I lean in to kiss her when SPLASH. SNAP!  We fall off while kissing, we both sit there in the water for a while till Tam gets up and runs over to Monica "I heard a snap! U got a pic of us?" She asks "sure did girl!" Monica answers back "Niall come here" I get up and run over to her "show us?" She says as Monica gets up the pic, "it looks cute!" She says giving me a kiss.

We all leave back to the camp site, "no tea tonight guys, sorry!" Says Monica "me and Tam will go shopping tomorrow, promise!"  We all go to our tents and go to sleep The only thing I could think about was how much I was in Love with Tamara my boo!
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