LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 1- Unforggetable Summer!

Tamara's best friend Monica is taking her to England for Summer just to go to one campsite! Tamara doesn't notice what campsite it is till she walks in to the entrance and stops dead in her tracks before screaming. Little do they know that on the other side of the bushes to their campsite is another where ONE DIRECTION are staying for summer as well! They keep there cool but become closer to each other over the summer, Tamara and Niall have something special so do Harry and Monica but dose the love last after Summer? Find out about after summer in "LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 2- Love.... Or Hurt" I'll post 2 when it's done! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it!

No copying, and no hate.

Now just sit back and enjoy the rollercoster that is life x


6. Maybe just a bit to much Shopping!?

Tamara's P.O.V.

It's about 10am and I think nows the perfect time to go shopping, "Monica, time to go shopping" I whisper she Dosen't move, so I fill a bucket with water and dump it on her "shhhhhh!" I whisper as soon as she wakes up and is about to scream "Time to go shopping" I say "ok!" 10 minuets later where at Monica's car, last night Niall got out a map and circled the best places to get food, so I got that out and read out the directions while Monica was driving, we got lost a few times till we found the first shop, "I think Louis and Niall made the shopping list!" I say to Monica and we giggle before getting out of the car and go into the grocery store

Whipped cream,
And MORE!" I say to Monica as we walk around getting everything from that store, once were done getting everything we got back in the car and went to the next shop, "no shopping list?" Asks Monica "nope" I say surprised, we walk into the next shop "shoes?" I say "SHOES!" Screams Monica I stand there and laugh before going over to the shoe stand where Monica's stareing at these aqua heels "gotta admit there pretty!" I say "there MINE!" She screams "oh, fine!" I say giggling and I walk over to these amazing black high heels, I stare at them before picking them up and calling Monica to the register so we can pay.

We get back in Monica's car with our heels and I pull out the map again, soon where out front of this amazing shop, I check to see if there's anything we need, but all I see there is money, "Monica? There giving us money to buy our dresses!" I say "And?" She says "well I don't like the sound of that, I'm using my money!" I say back "fine, you do that!" "MONICA !" I say "oh, fine!" She says and puts the money the boys left us in the glovebox, we walk into the shop, I pick out this beautiful red dress that goes amazing with my shoes and Monica picks out this black dress that goes beautifully with her aqua shoes. After that we get back in the car "lets go get Nandos" I say smiling  "fine, but your driving" she says happily because that means she gets a break "ok."

We get to Nandos, so I text Niall.

"Hey niall, what do u and the boys want from Nandos❤?"

"Did u say Nandos ????!! I'll have the jumbo chicken the boys want the medium chicken ❤"

"Ok, be back soon ❤ love u x"

"Love u to boo x don't be to long! It's nearly 7pm, I haven't seen u all day beautiful !!! :( ❤"

I decide not to text back till we're in the parking lot, we get our order and head back, "I love London!" I say to Monica "to bad we have to go back to Geelong, Australia!" She adds "yea..." I say thinking what might happen to me and Niall when I leave...? We sit there in silence I know Monica's thinking the same as me, what might happen to her and Harry?, it's silence till we drive into the car park at the camp site, I text Niall back

"Where here babe ❤"


I hear him yell to the boys and me and Monica look at each other and smile when we hear five people running to us, "did u get the food?" Niall says while running up to me and hugs me "sure did, everything u and Louis put on the list" I say giggling " what have it away?" Says Louis "the carrots" I answer giggling. We all get the stuff in and eat our Nandos before going to sleep. But I couldn't sleep again, thinking what might happen to me and Niall after summer so I get out my phone and call Kare, my other best friend since prep, not like Monica witch was since we were born. "Hello?" Says Kare. "Kare? Is that you?" I say "TAMARA! Is that u !?" She asks nearly screaming "sure is! How's your Summer going?"  "I've been hanging out with the boys alot and Cameron, we keep thinking what's happening over with you and Monica! Aha I found out someone likes u" she adds "oh god! Who." "The Boy u love since prep,!" "Ron?" "Yep, he was in love with you since prep too, I find it cute! Your meant for each other Tam!" I interrupt her "i have a boy friend!" "WHAT? WHO!!?! A cute England guy???!! "No Irish!" i correct her "Well, WHO? "Niall Horan!" i say proudly "AHAHAHA, I've heard u say that to many times.. Seriously?" She asks "yep, no lie and Harry and Monica are dateing to!" "OMG NIALL AND HARRY FROM ONE DIRECTION!!! YOUR NOT JOKING??????????" She screams, it hurt my ears. "Ouch, yes, relax aha!" I say "lucky!!! Can I tell everyone?" She asks "sure, I don't really care!" "Mia and April are going to be so Jelouse!!" " I don't care Kare. Oi I gotta go, see ya girl!" "Byeee!" I hang up, sleep time
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