LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 1- Unforggetable Summer!

Tamara's best friend Monica is taking her to England for Summer just to go to one campsite! Tamara doesn't notice what campsite it is till she walks in to the entrance and stops dead in her tracks before screaming. Little do they know that on the other side of the bushes to their campsite is another where ONE DIRECTION are staying for summer as well! They keep there cool but become closer to each other over the summer, Tamara and Niall have something special so do Harry and Monica but dose the love last after Summer? Find out about after summer in "LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG part 2- Love.... Or Hurt" I'll post 2 when it's done! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it!

No copying, and no hate.

Now just sit back and enjoy the rollercoster that is life x


7. Life Sized Hamster Containers!

Monica's P.O.V.

I get up, I heard Tamara talking on the phone last night so I couldn't really sleep till she finished, I went and got some silly sting that I had managed to grab about maybe 50 bottles with out Tam knowing, well I think she did, but she didn't say anything while we were shopping.
I had four one for me and one for Harry, Zayn and Louis. I had one for Harry cuz I was gunna put it in his face! I walked quietly and woke up Liam to take pics, and we both went into Harry's and the other two boys tent. "Ready, get set. Go!" I spray some silly string on Harry while Liam got the perfect pic of it! Harry didn't wake up... So I knew what to do, I got up and looked like I was walking out and looked back and spray Harry before we could get me, "I know your tricks!" I say and run away from him, he follows and we both jump into the lake. I hear a tent and I realize it must be Tamara she came up to us... She looked shocked, I look at her and get out it must be bad. I stare at her trying to tell what it might be, Harry decides to get out and joins us. "Was it something to do with a phone call last night?" I ask "yea..." She lingers
"Who was it?" I decide to ask  "Kare, s she told me something...." "What? I can tell she Dosent want to tell me for some reason was it because Harry was here I didn't have a clue..
"You know my crush from prep to before i meet  Niall?" She asks "yea, Ron, what about him?" I say confused "well Kare told me that he liked me starting prep till now..... I don't really want to break his heart when he finds out about Niall" she says stress in her voice "what if he try's to Hurt Niall?!" I interrupt "chill Tam, I'll deal with it" I say as I give her a hug "Thankyou!" She says with a smile. "Do u have a clue what no fun, has planned for us today?" She asks "nope" I say shaking my head "I do.." Says Harry "what then??" I ask "you know life sized hamster containers" "oh no..." I say.

We all wake up the boys, Liam had went back to sleep after the picture and the others were just asleep. Tamara had started breakfast, eggs and bacon! Niall woke up straight away and went out to help her. When everyone was up we had breakfast and headed down to the river again Liam let us choose our colour so we were happy! It was so much fun I accidentally hit Zayn a lot of times and Louis and Liam had fun by both getting in my way so i couldn't go anywhere, Harry he was falling over so much! And Tamara and Niall  were playing a game of chasey in the end we all played, and i gave my camera to the person who got us in our balls so he was happily taking pics of us for me! "Monica! I'm coming for you my love" screams Harry and he try's to reach me... But fails I couldn't help but  laugh. I mean who couldn't?! After that amazing activity we got out and Liam told us that tomorrow we can relax, but that at night there's a special campfire. When we got back me and Tam said we WERN'T cooking that night, so Liam and Zayn did. Pretty good cooking, we all joked about how Zayn made sure we had chicken! But we didn't mind. Now how am I going to tell Ron? I think, I'll tell him when we get back, why bother about him now! I check my phone, there's a message from Kare,


"Yep :D I can't believe my luck!!! ❤" I send back Harry's the best boy friend ever I think putting my phone down and lay in my bed before I drift to sleep I hear Tamara talking about Niall in her dreams! That's so cute!
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