Untill the worlds love surrenders

18 year old Irish-Australian Jasmine Barker is visiting her family in Mullingar. She is always walking down to the bakery to get bread for her grandparents when she hears someone singing to a guitar, she traces the sound and finds a blue-eyed boy, she walks down to him and introduces herself, smitten by his voice. He replies "hey, I'm Niall!".........


5. You can run but you can't hide

I smiled and got up, but wobbled and fell bak down. Niall picked me up and walked to his place. "We need to get away" I said to him "I can't.. I'm in a band, remember? I'm writing a new album soon.." He replied. "We'll sort something out later" I said, snuggling into his chest. He walked me to his house and called a nurse in to tend to my wounds. Her hands we so delicate with my skin tht I couldn't feel a thing and fell asleep on the couch.
The next morning I woke up in wht I think was Nialls bed, well I wasn't mine. I got up and noticed all my wounds were healed and I just had a couple of bandaids. I walked into he kitchen and Niall was making pancakes for me "morning babe" he greeted me. "Hi.." I said, looking around. I realised he slept in the couch and I say down at the table. He gave me pancakes with lots of topping, the way I like it. He sat down with his and we both started eating. Niall was eating so fast that I started laughing, but then my antimacassars ached from the bruises and I stopped. Niall got up and took y plate and I walked into the other room by the front door. I was watching tv when the door knocked, Niall too busy singing I got up and answers it. A large shadow was cast when I opened the door and a low, gravel like voice said to me "I told you you could run but you couldn't hide.."
(Sorry I had "writers block" xx)
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