Untill the worlds love surrenders

18 year old Irish-Australian Jasmine Barker is visiting her family in Mullingar. She is always walking down to the bakery to get bread for her grandparents when she hears someone singing to a guitar, she traces the sound and finds a blue-eyed boy, she walks down to him and introduces herself, smitten by his voice. He replies "hey, I'm Niall!".........


4. Tysons found me

"hey Jasmine, its Niall... would you like to come over to my house? its 13 Evertrese street, hope to see you there. oh and also come alone ;)" I was so glad that he found my number, because I was worried about what Tyson would do if he found out. I packed my bag full of food and biked to the house, it wasnt very well maintained for a rich guy, but i guess he tours alot he didnt really have time. The house was old and crooked. The paint peeled off and curved upwards, which shined gloomy shadows everywhere. I was suddenly very aware that this house was creepy! I crept up the old wooden stairs as they creeaked and I knocked on the door. No one answered, so I let myself in. The house looked like a hideout for gang members, not saying Niall was though. I heard someone walking around upstairs so i walked up there, smiling because i realised i had found nall. "Niall? This house is a mess! I'm coming up now!" I walked up the stairs and walked into the next room. "Niall, what did you want bef-" I stared at him, not Niall, Tyson! "so you thought that you could get away from me? and date an irish ass guy?" he crept at me, "I-I-I have to go!" I replied. I went to jump out of the kitchen when he elongated hs muscular arm and wrapped his hand around my wrist "AHH OW STOP" I yelped as he twisted my arm further and further. He tied me to the chair and started whipping me. Bloody and bruised i cried "STOP, WHY WONT YOU LET ME GO!?" he explainned with glee "Im not lettng you go untill im done using you as a slave and then when i am done, I'll kill you!" he put an evil grin on and walked to me, stroking my hair, he untied me, kicked me and said "get me some of that irish guys money-" "But!" i interrupted, "OR ILL KILL YOU" i stood up, weeping and walked out the door, i walked almost endlessly to the lake and i prayed to god that he was there. As i turned the corner, i saw him and started running towards him. my bruises hurt, but you count see them under all my clothes.

"NIALL!" i screameed. he turned around and ran up to hug me. i yelped as soon as he did and then i showed hm the scars from what Tyson had done. he traced his fingers down the marks and looked up at me. i told him that he knew where i lived nd that he was out to get me so niall suggested to get the cops but, he said if i did, he would find me.i just collased onto the floor and looked into those eyes once again, saying "will you keep a secret, if it saves my life, and we could be together forever?" Niall hugged me and whispered into my ear "forever and alsways, till the whole worlds love urrenderss..."

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