Untill the worlds love surrenders

18 year old Irish-Australian Jasmine Barker is visiting her family in Mullingar. She is always walking down to the bakery to get bread for her grandparents when she hears someone singing to a guitar, she traces the sound and finds a blue-eyed boy, she walks down to him and introduces herself, smitten by his voice. He replies "hey, I'm Niall!".........


6. Tyson shouldn't bother me anymore.

"T-Tyson?!" I say. He smiles in an evil way. He walks in and pushes me onto the stairs. Oh no. I go to scream for help but he covers my mouth "shh!" He whispers "don't wanna make a scene here do we?" THUD. he falls to the ground. As he falls I see Niall behind him holding a saucepan above his head. "That's Tyson?!" He says. I look at the ground, worried. "Yeah.. I don't know how he found me here." I reply. Niall sighs. "Well, I have some guests, that might take your mind off things." He says. "Really? Who?" I reply. "Thats a suprise" he says. "Anyway they can help me pick up whats his name" "okay, I'll get changed" I say as he drags Tyson into the lounge room. I got dress and I heard a doorbell. Who could they be? I walk down the stairs and four boys look at me. "Hi, I'm Harry" says one with curly hair. The rest smile at me awkwardly. "Uh, Jasmine, this is Louis, Zayn and Liam" niall points to each one after he introduces them. I smile and say "hi I'm Jasmine". "We know. Niall doesn't stop talking about you." Says.. Zayn, I think. I smile and look over at Niall, who's blushing. He walks out and shouts "boys can you help me with this dude?" They walk out and start each asking questions about if he killed him and stuff. They drag him outside and into his passenger seat of his car. Only four walk in. "Louis is taking him out far away." Says Liam. "Okay, at least that's over" I reply.
" IM BAAACK" screams Louis, entering through the door. "Hi! What's the go?" I reply. "Hes gone, I tied him in his car and drive him outta town." He smiles. "No wonder you took such a long time!" Says Liam. These boys are tight!
"It was nice meeting you guys but I'm gonna go to sleep!" I say, Niall following me out and upstairs. "Do you like them? Are they weird for you? Do they make you uncomfortable?" He asks me. "They are hilarious and nice. I like them, it's fine" he smiles and I turn to go into his room to sleep, I lean in and kiss him on the cheek. "Good night" I smile."nite" he whispers
I actually wasn't tired, I want to know if they talk about me so I open my door and try and listen. I can just make out what they're saying. "She's a perfect girl for you, Niall." Say one of them. "Yeah, she eats as much as you too" jokes Louis. They all laugh. I sit back in my bed and realised everything should be alright now.
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