Untill the worlds love surrenders

18 year old Irish-Australian Jasmine Barker is visiting her family in Mullingar. She is always walking down to the bakery to get bread for her grandparents when she hears someone singing to a guitar, she traces the sound and finds a blue-eyed boy, she walks down to him and introduces herself, smitten by his voice. He replies "hey, I'm Niall!".........


8. Strange behavior

Strange behavior

*2 months later*
Nan is still sick so we will stay in Mullingar until she gets better but I pretty much live at nialls now and for  the past two months i was always at his place. I walked down into the living room and Niall made his way towards me. He smiled and told me the news of the day. 
"I am getting braces on today and later the lads are coming over" he said, exposing his crooked teeth.
I looked at his teeth then back to his eyes. 'He doesn't need braces' I thought and then proceeded to discuss the lads coming over. "Are they sleeping over??" I asked, bubbly. I have always loved spending time with them. 
"Yeah but Harry is going to be a little bit late"  He smiled, turning his head and realizing the time. "I have to go, but i will be back soon, babe. Take a last glimpse at these pearly whites!!" I couldn't help but giggle at his crooked smile. He kissed me on the cheek and them left yelling "Don't burn the house down, will you?" 
"No guarantee, Niall, you know that!" 
I heard him giggle then close the door. Now to pass time until Niall gets back. 


I was getting extremely bored when Niall walked through the door. I got up and shrieked. "Showw meeeee!" I giggled as he opened his mouth and I saw the clear braces. "They hurt so much!!!" He complained. I softly slapped his cheek so he would close his mouth. I ran and dumped myself on the couch while checking the time on my phone, it was 7:38pm and time for the boys to start arriving. Just as I put my phone in my pocket the doorbell rang. Niall opened the door and the three boys leaped in the door bursting with excitement. They each came up to me and hugged me and we all sat down to play a bit of FIFA on Xbox. After half an hour of yelling at each other, screaming after a goal and chanting the team songs, the doorbell rang again. "That'll be Harry, I'll get it" I told them, getting up to the door. I opened the door and I saw Harry looking down, he noticed the door opened and looked up at me. Harry seemed startled to see me then greeted me with a tight hug, "come on, you're missing all the fun inside!" I said softly.
"Okay" He half laughed as we walked inside 
"HARRYY" they all yelled, Harry was  less enthusiastic, he smiled and quietly said "hi.." 
"You've been very quiet lately" Liam pointed out 
"Quieter than me" added Zayn
I let out a chuckle because no one is quieter than Zayn, especially not Harry. 

We went into the night, being childish, playing games and just having fun. They even showed more some of the other songs on their album, like Kiss You and Loved You First. 
We all made a gigantic fort to sleep in made out of all of the blankets, pillows, tables and chairs in the house. It just shows how old we are mentally. 

Harry seemed fine when we weren't doing anything that required one on one interactions. It was as if he forgot about his troubles for a while. 

The next day, later in the morning I sat on the couch. I heard a rustle and out of the fort came Harry. The other boys had already woken up and gone home except for Harry... and Niall, but he is already home. 
Harry seemed really nervous when he saw me again, so I decided to ask what was wrong. 
"Harry, are you okay? You've hardly said a word to me for the past couple of weeks and you seem so nervous all the time" I looked at him in the eye, expecting an answer, but he just looked away from me. 
"Harry you can tell me" I reassured him. 
After some time he finally replied with "I have just had insomnia lately" 
"No you haven't..." I stared at him "you fell asleep first last night, were second to last to wake up, and Louis even tweets about you going to bed early then sleeping in... Even Niall gets up before you, and that's Niall!" 
He just stared at me. "Um.." He started "..never mind.." He decided to stay closed as he turned to leave the living room. 
I sprung up and held tightly to his wrist so he couldn't shake my hand off. 
"Tell me." His eyes trailed from my stare to my hand gripped around his wrist.
I tried to get his attention "I care about you.. You're one of my best friends.. So open up, I am not letting go of you anytime soon" 
His eyes pained, yet still fixed on my grip, as he mumbled in his low, raspy voice to himself
 "that's just the point" 
I heard Some rustling from the fort as I bent my neck to block his view of the grip. "Harry.." I started, but before I could say anything else I was led into the hallway by him, as he finally shifted his focus to me again. His emerald eyes pierced my heart as they looked so full of pain. I had never seen him this sad before. 

(Sorry that this chapter was pretty boring, I don't know what to write also I am bringing point of views in soon) 

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