Untill the worlds love surrenders

18 year old Irish-Australian Jasmine Barker is visiting her family in Mullingar. She is always walking down to the bakery to get bread for her grandparents when she hears someone singing to a guitar, she traces the sound and finds a blue-eyed boy, she walks down to him and introduces herself, smitten by his voice. He replies "hey, I'm Niall!".........


11. Love Hurts

(Haha guys this came to me in a dream) Love hurts    Jasmines POV I got up from the couch, tears starting to make their way down my cheek. I thought of Niall. Whenever I cried, Niall was always there to wipe the tears away with his thumb, give me a warm kiss on my brow, and reassure me with a tight hug.    As I reminisced, I slowly made my way  Up the stairs, remembering the first time when I came down them, when they all creaked. When I got to Niall's room, I held my breath and placed my ear upon the door. I heard nothing. Still with my ear against the door, I slowly turned the handle to open the door and it was locked.  "Niall..." I started quietly through the door.  "GO AWAY, GO HOME" he spat at me   Shocked and too confused to do anything else, I raced down the stairs and ran home.    ***   Over the past couple of weeks, I tried and tried and tried to apologise to Niall. I tried and tried to move on too but all this hate I was getting daily -which I deserved- and all the memories from being in Ireland revolved around him.    Knock knock   He opened the door, took one look at me, and slammed the door into my face    Five times.    I Called him probably over ten times a week,    no answer.    My phone buzzed, my thought automatically drew to Niall texting me. I whipped out my phone and checked it and..... It was Harry.    "Niall was talking to me today and he told me that he forgave me. I asked about you and he shot me a death look. I don't think he forgives you. Sorry  - Harry"  I felt depressed as I traced the old snake bite scar, remembering how funny it was for him to meet my family like that. What a first impression. The skin never really healed and Niall also often drew bite marks in the same spot of his ankle so I didn't feel 'alienated'    I also thought alot about my old boyfriend. Not that I was going to get back with him, just thinking how different life would've been without everything. He actually came back, though I knew he was quite embarrassed, as he had been knocked out by a pan and taken into the middle of no where. Niall wasn't there to help me that time but I told him that I filed a police report on him (even though I didn't really) and he came straight to my front door, what an idiot.    But the main reason I thought about him was, as I was in town in the evening, I met someone who looked alot like him, except he was kinder and was British with green eyes. He said his name was Braiden. He was hot. He was tan and had straight black hair.    "Hey, would you like to go out sometime, like to dinner....or...li-" he mumbled before I eagerly interrupted him "Yes, I'd love to!" I shot a smile, hoping that I could finally move on.  His eyes lit up "perfect! Here's my number" he jotted it down on a piece if torn off paper.  I took it from him and put it into my phone. I texted him so that he had my number, waved goodbye, and went to hail a taxi.    "Wait!" He came back to me and rested his large hand on my shoulder "Would you like to have dinner tonight?"  I spotted Niall in a bar looking down, and I turned to look up at Braiden.  "Sorry, I am actually meeting a, well, friend tonight, but ill call you tomorrow?" He Smiled and nodded and again waved good bye as he hopped into his black four wheel drive.    Niall was looking down at his phone, and he looked really sad. I walked across the busy street and went to sit next to him.  "Niall?" As soon as he heard me call his name he tried to pretend I wasn't there by flirting to the girl next to her and wiped his eyes.    "Niall, listen to me I'm sorry"    He kept on ignoring me.    The girl he was flirting with was flirting back.  This continued for ten minutes as I apparently wasnt there before the girl pulls niall in for a snog! It was a quick one but it still hurt! Badly!  I piped up, angrily "oi!" I snapped  She looked up at me and replied "sorry, is he your boyfriend?"  Nialls eyes burned through me with a glare. I looked at the girl again, "he's not my boyfriend, but he's not your kissing toy either!" I spat Niall spun around on his chair with hatred raised his eyebrows  "Since when didya care about me?" He hissed when he pulled this girl in for another kiss   I jumped up, feeling betrayed, putting the strap to my purse over my shoulder and took my phone out of my purse to call Braiden. Niall after grabbed at the purse to keep me here and panic rushed through his eyes.  So pissed off, I let go of the purse and just took my phone and ran out of the pub, around the corner into the dark alley. I dialed on my phone   "Hey, braiden? Yeah it's jasmine! Umm, my evening just opened up if you want to go out.." On the other end of the line he replied, "sorry, I have to go out later on.. But if you're already out, I could drop you home?" "Really? Thank you! I'm just at the Peter's Pints pub !"  "I'll see you later then!" He hung up the phone.    ***

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