Messed up life:-(

His story is bout Sky.Her mom and dad died on her Bday.She does something really bad to herself.When her neighbor Liam came over he went into the bathroom cause she didn't say anything!What does he find in the bathroom?


3. What are you???

Sky's P.O.V.

I woke up to find Liam next to me asleep.I went into my bathroom,took a shower,got out blow dryed my hair,curled it,putted on make-up,perfume,lotin,lip gloss,earrings,braclet,necklace,and it on all this stuff:!!!!!I looked perfect!I wen downstairs,ate cereal,did recycle,did laundry,putted away laundry,cleaned,and then I checked on Liam."Goodmorning Liam."I said to him will kissing him."Wow to look amazing!"He said while looking at my neck.I saw 2 bite marks on my neck witch hurted."Are you ok?"Liam asked."Yeah I'm ok."I said while covering it."I got you breakfast!"I said."Yay I am hungry."He said while runnin downstairs.I looked into the mirror to find my pearly white teeth.I walked downstairs with my new black leather boots."Liam how is it,that you are so cute?"I said giggling."Hm idk maybe I got it from you hun!"He said to me while kissing me.

Liam's P.O.V.

All I had in my mind was that I bite Sky!How am I gonna tell her?I turned on the Tv and started to watch Dark Shadows.Niall,Harry,Zayn,and Louis just walked in.I paused the movie."Guys what are you doing here?"I asked nervousy."Liam lets go outside for a minute."Zayn said pointing outside."Don't be long Liam."Sky said in a flirty tone.Then Harry saw the 2 bite marks and took me outside."You turned Sky into. WEREwolf!!"Harry said."Sorry I didn't know I bite her!"I said."Well your going to tell her now!"Harry said.I walked into the house and "Sky...well....your a-a-a...your.a.werewolf."I said."Your joking right?"She said."No."I said."Omg that's why my teeth have fangs."She said to me."Liam it's ok."She said while kissing me.
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