Messed up life:-(

His story is bout Sky.Her mom and dad died on her Bday.She does something really bad to herself.When her neighbor Liam came over he went into the bathroom cause she didn't say anything!What does he find in the bathroom?


4. Smoking.

Sky's P.O.V.

Well today I just found out I am a werewolf!!!I was pissed off at that and I got up and slapped Liam as hard as I can."What was that for!!"Liam asked while giving me a death glare."For turning me."I yelled while hearin me growl."We are looking do the chosen one."Harry said while trying to stop saying words."So Liam you were using me!"I yelled at Liam while I heard even more growlin from me.I took Zayns hand and took him out.We to a park."Zayn I know to you smoke,do you have a cigarette?"I asked."But it's your first time."He said while giving me one.I light it up and smoked.I coughed out smoke."Wow that was cool!"I told Zayn while kissin his cheek.His cheeks turned red."What."I asked Zayn.Next thug I knew it I felt Zayns lips on mine.I felt sparks.I felt like I knew him."Sky,I like you."Zayn sad while looking thur my eyes."I like yo too!"I told Zayn while hugging him.Just then I remembered Liam.I heard footsteps behind me.I turned around to see Liam's eyes red and puffy from crying."Why did you kiss him Sky!!!l"He said while slapping me.Everyone at te park nocited and stopped and stared and started to gasp.My cheek hurted.When I tryed to leave Liam grabbed my bad wrist.It hurted so badly.I started to growl.Everyone was gone from the park.My fur turned light chocolate brown fur.With dark brown down my spine.Y teeth turned into white long sharp teeth,my ears turned pointy,my eyes changed to brown to icy blue.I growled,"Liam Sky is the choose one."Zayn said while coming up to me and hugging my furry neck."Sky I'm sorry:-("Liam said.I licked Liam's face and turned back to my normal self.J saw Zayn walk away sadly."Zayn!"I said while running after him.I turned him around and kissed him as long as I could.I saw Liam get jealous.

~10 minutes kater~

After the kiss me,Liam,an Zaynwent home.I fell asleep on someone's shoulder.When I woke up I saw my legs on Liam and my head on Zayns lap.I putted my hand somewhere I am not soppised to o Zayns thingy!"Hmmm."Zayn said while kissing my head.I saw Liam huger jealous.I held Zayns and Liam's hands.i got up and smoked alot.Nostop.Untill I kissed Liam and Zayns lip.I stopped smoking for now....
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