Messed up life:-(

His story is bout Sky.Her mom and dad died on her Bday.She does something really bad to herself.When her neighbor Liam came over he went into the bathroom cause she didn't say anything!What does he find in the bathroom?


2. Highlights and pain.

Sky's P.O.V.

When Liam took me out of the hospital,he drove back to my house.My wrist really hurted,it felt like someone was cutting it deeper."So I got all kinds of highlights for you."He said while kissing me on the lips,he was trying to make an entrance so he can slip his tonge thur.As always Iet him."Thnx Liam I'm going to go get it ready.Come on follow me."I told Liam while holding his hands.I got into the bathroom and did,purple,pink,and red headlights.When I got out I lyed Liam down and me and him stated to make out."I love Liam 4ever!"I told him."I love you too Sky!"He said while grabbing my waist.But I always felt his teeth sharp like fangs,but no such thing!

Liam's P.O.V.

Ok yeah I'm a werewolf.I just can't tell her."Sky,I'm sorry for Icky (Dog it's a girl):-(If I could go back in time.I would stop that car from hitting her."I said to her."Hey Icky is in a batter world:-(."She said sadly.I kissed her,and then of course she started to blush."We'll goodnight Liam."She said while kissing and hugging me."Goodnight Sky."I said.I saw the full moon.Crap I said to myself.I was turning,I ran outside and my teeth turning into long sharp fangs,I started to growl,my eyes turning icy blue eyes,and brown fur.*Morning*It was now morning,and now I am back to normal.I ran back to her room and she was still asleep!That was close.
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