Messed up life:-(

His story is bout Sky.Her mom and dad died on her Bday.She does something really bad to herself.When her neighbor Liam came over he went into the bathroom cause she didn't say anything!What does he find in the bathroom?


1. Razors

Sky's P.O.V

I got brown hair,perfect body,tan,freckles,pearl white teeth,already took a shower,curled my hair,did my makeup,perfume,lotion.I got on my favorite outfit:

Of course I saw the news my mom and dad died on my Bday (which today is my 18th Bday).I went upstairs and saw my razors.I got them and dug deep into my skin.Then I hitted a vein.I saw all the blood flowing out.It hurts.Before my eyes shut I saw my Niebour Liam.Then my eyes slowly shutted.I opened my eyes to see Liam and me in a hospital."Goodmorning sunshine and happy Bday!"He said while kissing me on the cheek."Goodmorning to you too babe."I said to him.Oh and me and Liam are dating.!!!!!.

A/N sorry for the short chapter promise to write more after school:-)
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