From My Idols, To My Best Friends

Sydney Barron was just an average girl with the dream to become famous. She's only 12 and her 5 idols are the boys in One Direction. She wishes that she could meet them more then anything in the world. And her dream, might just come true. Will they become best friends, or will they end up being worst enemies?


3. My New Friends

I wake up to a blurry image of 5 boys and my parents. "Honey, are you alright?" My mom asks. "Ya." I answer. "You fainted when you realized it was One Direction at your door." a boy with curly brown hair said. "What? Wait, HARRY STYLES?!" I turned to my left. "LIAM PAYNE?! ZAYN MALIK?! NIALL HORAN?! LOUIS TOMLINSON?!" "Yeah." They all answered. "Honey, your dad and I told them everything about that they needed to know in order to be your friends." My mom said. "Why dont you guys go downstairs and explain to Syd whats goin on." My dad put in. We walked downstairs with Harry holding my hand so i could balance. "Thanks." We sat down. "So what do you guys know about me?" "We know about school details, life details, the usual stuff." Liam said. "Do you know my name?" "Thats easy! Your name is Sydney Raquel Barron and your 12 years old! Your nicknames are Syd, Squid, Squiddles, and Squidley." Niall said. "Wow. Your good." "We're gonna be best friends, i can tell. Lets start now. You know everything about us except a few things and Im miving in nextdoor." Harry mentioned. "Really?!" I yelled. "Yes." "YES!" I jumped up and hugged him. "Sorry." "Dont worry. We're gonna be doin that alot." "Lets get started!"
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