From My Idols, To My Best Friends

Sydney Barron was just an average girl with the dream to become famous. She's only 12 and her 5 idols are the boys in One Direction. She wishes that she could meet them more then anything in the world. And her dream, might just come true. Will they become best friends, or will they end up being worst enemies?


2. Impossible

*5 days later* I wake up at 12:00 pm cause it Saturday! YAAAAY! I go downstairs in search of my parents. "Hello?" No ones home, not even Stella, my dog. "Hmm.Must be in a walk." I get some bacon for breakfast and brush my teeth, get dressed, brush my hair, the usual. *ding dong* "Coming!" I run down and swing the door open. "Hello, love." "He-" I look up. I cant believe it. OH MY GOD! "May we come in?" "Yes, its rather cold out here." "Umm, you dont look to good." I could feel myself falling slowly. "CATCH HER!" Thats the last thing i heard. Then it went black.
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