From My Idols, To My Best Friends

Sydney Barron was just an average girl with the dream to become famous. She's only 12 and her 5 idols are the boys in One Direction. She wishes that she could meet them more then anything in the world. And her dream, might just come true. Will they become best friends, or will they end up being worst enemies?


1. A Normal Day

*beep beep beep beep* My alarm wakes me up at six thirty in the morning. Great, its Monday. I get up and make my bed then hop in a hot shower to wake up. "Sydney! Breakfast!" my mom shouts from downstairs. "Coming!" I yell. "OW!" My hair is super knotty and I always have problems brushing it. I'm blonde with hazel green eyes and I am very skinny. I eat my breakfast then pack my bag an run out the door to my friends car. "Hi Syd!" "Hey Camryn!" Camryn is one of my best friends and i've known her since kindergarten. "Today is gonna be a good day, I can sense it." I say. Her mom drops us off in front of Harriet Eddy Middle School. We run in and she goes to hang out with Nina and i run over to my friend Courtney. "COURTNEY!!!" "SYDNEY!!!" She hugs me and I hug her back. My friends and i are crazy people. "I almost told Elijah that you like him today!" she says. Elijah is the guy I like and she's friends with him. "Courtney I will kick your ass if you tell him!" "I know!" Elijah doesnt even know my name I mean, how lame is that. "ONE DIRECTION IS AWESOME!!!!!!" I yell like I always do every morning. I smile because I know that something good is going to happen very soon. I spend the rest of the day going through my six periods. When I get home I do my homework then dance around my house with One Direction on shuffle. "God, I wanna meet them so bad." I stare at my poster covered walls and smile. "You guys have changed my life," I say as I fall asleep.
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