“Explain to me, this conspiracy against me, and tell me how I’ve lost my power.”
Conspiracy- Paramore.

Daysie Moore is 16, and attending Albiera Preparatory when World War III begins. The Germans take control of this academy, and all of the girls who attended are stuck there.

After rebelling, a death of someone causes extreme chaos, and the military that controls their camp begins to regroup and become stronger.

But there is always a conspiracy theory.

© PretendingToBeProfessional (Don’t own the cover image)


1. Prologue



The four girls stand in the corner, their heads touching while they speak about whatever has their interest. They were the it girls at Albierta Preparatory in Manchester, Great Britain. They are all strikingly beautiful, and everyone wants to be them. It is something I can never be able to get over. I want to be one of the girls huddling with them, throwing my head back and laughing at the joke along with them. But in all honesty, I am too young to be one of them. I am not sure of their names. I have never had the chance to talk to them. They don't really speak to anyone other than themselves and the teachers. They don't care much for the people that surrounded them, unless something happened that they want to get the information about, but most of the time they already know it, because they cause the drama.

One of the girls, a stunning red head looks over at me, a giant smile on her face. Her smile becomes even bigger when she noticed everyone's stares on them. They are here for the attention, always have been.

I look away, I am annoyed with myself for letting them see my moment of vulnerability. They can't know how jealous I am of them. I don't want anyone to know how badly I wish I am as pretty, or as funny as any of them are. They are all completely perfect.

It isn't quite right.

“Return to your dorms.” A voice comes over the intercom. “Girls, return to your rooms now.” this isn't the voice of our headmaster, or one of the teachers. This is the voice of someone evil, someone I have never heard before.

We all realize this at the same time, and we all begin to run, and sprint as fast as we can go. In the mix, I run into the red head, who has lost the other three. She apologizes, and is on her way before I can even say anything back. I run straight to my room after that, attempting to forget it.


We are stuck in our rooms. Several times we hear the sound of boots passing by our doorway. There are voices everywhere. Men's voices. They are loud, and they cause all of us to be silent. We sit in a state of fear and shock, our dorms over filled with us. There is no way to get out. We do not have food, or supplies.

Several times we hear the sounds of gunshots penetrating the walls of our dorm.

We all have different dorms, they are classified by ages. I am in the 14 year olds dorm. If I was just 2 years older I would be in the same dorm as the 4 girls.

We cannot talk to each other. We are isolated into our own rooms, no food, no water, and no way of knowing what is going on on the outside of the walls. We are all afraid, and haven't a clue what to do.

They never warned us about this. Maybe they should have, maybe it would have been for the better in the end, but it is much too late for that now.

We all fear the outcome. The outcome is uncertain, and we haven't the faintest idea of what could happen. Nobody can give us an update. No teachers come to check on us, even the army doesn't pay much attention to us.

Our rooms do not connect, so for the moment we have no access to the outside world. We are literally completely alone. Every time we hear the tinniest noises, we all freak as if we know we are going to get killed. It is inevitable, but there isn't much we can do about it.


Deidreiy thinks she knows everything. She likes to open the door just to see how the military reacts to her risky move. When she opens the door, she unlocks it, allowing them full access to our room. Allara thinks she's stupid, and her actions are careless. I suppose I feel the same way, but Nazra seems to think we need to egg them on, so she lets DeiDei do as she pleases.

I sit in the corner, unsure of what to do. We have been in our room for 4 days without food or water. No one is sure how much longer we can survive. Our room is small, and we do not have much supplies.

There are others here, but we don't know how many others. They could be slowly killing us off, saving the oldest for last. We could be the few left, and at any moment they could pounce into our room and kill us all.

DeiDei and Nazra don't think anything of it. They think that those gunshots are them tricking us into thinking we're being picked off. If that is the case, than it is definitely working.

Me and Allara prefer staying silent and not saying much. It is the only way we find comfort in our current actions.

Every time DeiDei opens the door, I flinch, waiting for the inexplicable moment when half of the army storms into our room and finishes us off in seconds. Allara doesn't have the same reaction, but you can tell she hates it every time there isn't a door dividing us from the rest.

We are on house arrest. Room arrest, really. We haven't been able to do anything for the passed few days, but there isn't much we have wanted to do with the current state that everything is in.

None of us are sure who these people are exactly, we just know they can kill us within seconds of seeing us. That is why I am concerned of the risk DeiDei has decided to take every hour on the hour. It frightens me to know that she will again open the door, and not be afraid of it.

Nazra stays quiet most of the time, unless she has to speak up and defend DeiDei. She wont take risks for herself, but when she has minions she uses them to the fullest degree possible.

And as for Allara, she is afraid. She has been through something similar to this. Her house was broken into before World War III started. She was throw into this school by the army, because they weren't sure what else to do with her. Thinking about it now, that might have been a sign that they were going to begin taking over whatever we had, including the school.

“There is no one out there.” DeiDei whispers to us, “Maybe I should go out there and see if anyone springs out of nowhere.”

“DeiDei, it's too much of a risk! What if that is exactly what they are waiting for?” Allara asks, annoyance bubbling in her voice. “You can't just go out there and have yourself killed.

“We need food!” Deidei shouts, “And I don't see anyone coming up with a better idea than one of us risking our lives.” she is angry at their desertion, it is plaintively obvious in her voice. You can hear the tension that is so hard to detect normal. She is claustrophobic, and this must be the worst thing to her in the entire world. She is short, with black hair always tucked into a bun, and her blue eyes have a sassy tone to them. It is strange looking really.

“Why don't all of us go, and bring food to the others?” Allara asks, always the one to vouch for everyone else at this academy. “They must be just as starving as we are!” She points out. Her red hair is everywhere, the normally tame curls bouncing everywhere from lack of care. Her blue eyes, settle on the floor, no where in particular, she's just afraid of looking at us directly in the eyes.

“Nazra.” I state.

Nazra looks over at me, question in her eye. “Yes, Dayzie?” she asks, flipping her brunette hair over her shoulder, her green eyes glaring wickedly at me. She's always pale, and now she looks even worse.

“Why don't you go with her?” I ask.

“Why should I go with her? She's the one that suggested it!” Nazra is annoyed again, like she almost always is. It is easy to get her angry.

“But you're the one that has been backing her up the last couple of days, so you should go.” I point out.

“Alright, let's go Dei.” And they leave the room, closing the door behind them. Allara walks up behind and locks it, holding her breath as long as possible.

We know they might not make it back.


The sound of gunfire causes us all to jump. It must have been just inches off of our room. Someone is near us, someone who doesn't exactly like us.

One of the younger girls ends up with more courage than anyone else, and slips the door open.

In the hall, we see a figure standing over a lump on the floor. It takes us several seconds to realize what the lump on the floor is.

It's a dead body. 

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