Well Yea, it's gonna be short and all cos yea.. c;

It has 1D in it ;'D

Kay so Annabelle has had a hard life her whole life... Her father had murdered her mother in her sleep and her brother escaped and always tries to grab Annabelle too but he never succeeds..

sorry bout the massive space things.. ._. it was stuffing up..


1. story.of.my.life


Dear Diary,

Annabelle here, everyday of my life feels like torture... I have to live with a psychopath of a father.. I usually don't like referring to him as my father but I guess I'm just letting whoever finds this know who he is.. I get abused and beaten up everyday. It's just so hard. I'm quite surprised he hasn't killed me yet.. You may be wondering where my mother or my relatives are? Well, my father killed my mother in her sleep.. Burnt her... I had to watch it all.. It's scarred me emotionally. I always think back to that frightful night. And my brother, well he ran away.. I've heard him trying to help me a few times.. I wish he had succeeded but it's a bit hard when my 'father' holds a gun to his head.. Every time my brother tries to save me my father, well to put it blatantly he tortures me and everything... The only reason I'm writing this ONE diary entry is that I've finally decided that I'm going to kill myself.. 

Well goodbye life. xx

Sincerely, Annabelle.


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