Well Yea, it's gonna be short and all cos yea.. c;

It has 1D in it ;'D

Kay so Annabelle has had a hard life her whole life... Her father had murdered her mother in her sleep and her brother escaped and always tries to grab Annabelle too but he never succeeds..

sorry bout the massive space things.. ._. it was stuffing up..


2. Making this come to an end...

I slit my wrists a few times in case the stabbing didn’t work.. I did this in the hope that I would bleed to death…. To relieve the torment that is my life... As i stabbed myself in the stomach my door came crashing down and a police man in a blue uniform ran in and picked me up bridal style (the knife still in me). He had rushed me downstairs and I was feeling a bit drowsy at this point... He put me on the stretcher and rolled me up the ramp into the ambulance..

On the way to the hospital I blacked out...

As I opened my eyes I heard beeping sounds and footsteps running around.. I guessed I was at the hospital.. I heard people outside screaming my name. Who were they? Did I have family I didn't know? All these questions were running through my mind.

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