Well Yea, it's gonna be short and all cos yea.. c;

It has 1D in it ;'D

Kay so Annabelle has had a hard life her whole life... Her father had murdered her mother in her sleep and her brother escaped and always tries to grab Annabelle too but he never succeeds..

sorry bout the massive space things.. ._. it was stuffing up..


4. Getting hung publicly..

It was finally the day that my father would be hung publicly.. Lot's of people had come to see this.. It was quite surprising actually.. How many  people he must have hurt or after hearing what a low life he was had come to give their support. My father looked towards me whilst they were tying him up and said, 'I will get you, even If I'm dead.' That made me PETRIFIED. At that exact time they kicked the chair out from underneath him and he was gone...




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