Well Yea, it's gonna be short and all cos yea.. c;

It has 1D in it ;'D

Kay so Annabelle has had a hard life her whole life... Her father had murdered her mother in her sleep and her brother escaped and always tries to grab Annabelle too but he never succeeds..

sorry bout the massive space things.. ._. it was stuffing up..


3. Court..

~4 months later~

It was time to go to the court to get the death penalty back so they could kill my 'father' I was really scared to see him again after 4 months.. What if he tried to hurt me.. My thoughts got interrupted as a police man came to escort me to the court rooms.. I stopped at the door of entry to the room.. I saw him.. He had that same evil grin he had when he had killed my mother.. I started shaking... The man opened the door and pushed me through.. At this point I was screaming and crying.. I saw Harry, my brother and his four best friends Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn.. That calmed me down until my 'father' stood up and spoke.. He turned towards me and glared.. I bolted to my brother and held onto him really tight.. I was petrified..

Still glaring at me My 'father' took a knife out of his pocket.. I screamed.. He lunged toward Harry and I.. He ripped me off of Harry and held me up against the wall.. He said if anybody took a step closer he'd kill me.. I knew that he was dead serious too. He slit my cheek and I yelped. He just laughed at me.. He's a sick sick man I thought to myself. When my Uncle walked into the room you could see the fear build up on my 'father's' face.. I was quite shocked... My 'father' took me off the wall but still held me in the air by my neck, I turned a shade  of blue.. When my Uncle started to charge towards my father brought the knife up and stabbed my uncle.. I was shocked and screamed. He then threw me through the court room doors and I was in agony. My father walked out and grabbed me by the hair and started dragging me  across the floor.. A man that was sitting down waiting to go in to the court room ran up behind my father and dropped him to the floor and started beating the crap out of him...I was actually pretty glad to see that.. At that time the judge ran out of the court room and screamed, 'THE DEATH PENALTY IS BACK! YOU'RE GOING TO BE THE FIRST TO GET HUNG PUBLICLY!!!'


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