My Life 2

This is the squel to My Life 2!So now Niall gets jealous.Zayn jr.,falls for a girl.Meredith and Niall start to fight:-(Will Zayn and Meredith let Niall be Zayns best man or not invite him????Find out in My Life 2!!!!


1. Ahhhhhhhh the wedding day

Meredith's P.O.V.

Today is the wedding day!!!!!After I got ready.I got a phone call "Hey Hun can Niall be my best man?"Zayn asked"Sure"I sad and hung up.Zayn was the exchanger rings.And hi best friend Lizzey is the flower girl.I saw my brother sitting there and my mom sitting next to hi.I went down tw air and saw my Zayn.The priest said "Blah blah blah marry?"He asked."I do"I said and so did Zayn.We ex changed rings and kissed.We ran down the aisle.I saw Zayn Jr.Kissing Lizzey (they are bf and gf)!!!
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