Almost Picture Perfect

My name is Cat Hylton, im not all cheesy like all the other girls im
I cant deny it im popular as hell and get what I want when I want it! Yes go on call me what you want, Brat, Spoilt, Selfish, I dont know maybe I can be a real b**ch but theres one thing I dont have a boyfriend I need to persuade the 5 hottest boys at school to find me attractive...


3. Thinking about him

I sit down on the couch removing the blanket as i'm not very cold, I sit down and think about Niall, and what I could do to make him more attracted to me I think hard. I GOT IT I say in excitement im going to a Hollys 18th tomorrow maybe i could turn up amazing maybe looking... SEXY! Hmmm I walked over to my wadbrobe with my shadow fowlling behiind i looked through my mums old stuff our family is pretty messed up my mum used to be a stripper i looked through it with thought i wanted to look slutty it was pretty hard to find as the birthda theme was school girl i finaly found something it was a really short white tshirt with some really short skirt - URL FOR COSTUME           ( Perfect I thought giggling I decided to call up my best friend Millie, I spoke to her about my plan to catch Nialls attention with my slutty costume she thought it was great


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