Almost Picture Perfect

My name is Cat Hylton, im not all cheesy like all the other girls im
I cant deny it im popular as hell and get what I want when I want it! Yes go on call me what you want, Brat, Spoilt, Selfish, I dont know maybe I can be a real b**ch but theres one thing I dont have a boyfriend I need to persuade the 5 hottest boys at school to find me attractive...


2. Canteen


Im walking down to the canteen with my clique all following behind me with a curious look on their facing, knowing them there probably worried about me not having a boyfriend which must me "Embarissing" for them. Suddenly I walk past my crush, he has mess lucious beach blonde hair with blue eyes that looked like the ocean anyday, here I am daydreaming about his beautiful smile..."Cat!" "Cat!" "CAT!!"


"Cat!" "Cat!" "CAT!!" Im calling out to Cat as she spills her slushie all down my boyfriends shirt! She suddenly pays attention to what i'm saying I notice this as shes going "Im soo sorry Liam" she says rolling her eyes, I hear Holly say under her breath mumbling "God now I know why she hasnt got a boyfriend"


Yes I was walking down to see my girlfriend suddenly the leader Cat spills all her freaking slushie down my brand new shirt "ITS FINE" I say returning the favour sarcasticly to Cat, I keep walking down to my mates as I hear high heel foot prints on concrete, I turn around to see my girlfriend Zoe saying " I freaking love you to" she says with a point, I reply back with a kiss on the cheek and say " See you later babe"


I sit down at the canteen table with Holly, Millie and Kaitlyn with Zoe not far behind us. I sit down in confusion until I hear Kaitlyn say something "Hey dont be sad I can tell with your confused face so dont lie to us we all know its because you havnt got a boyfriend" Suddenly the bell rung to go home "Uh Ive gotta go I say quickly running off home thinking about my crush Niall. Finally I'm back home I open the door at step on the door mat rubbing my dirty shoes against it causing it to make a loud noise, then step in the door


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