Another World

When Allissa (Ali) gets a chance to meet one direction, she finds out that they are more than just a band, she learns that one of them might just take her to "Another World"


7. Truth or dare

We drove for a while then we arrived at Janna's house. She was waiting by the door impatiently. This was actually becoming normal for me to hang around these guys! When we got out I was first then harry, Niall, Louis, Liam then Zayn when we all got out of the bus she screamed and she ran up and hugged me then all the other boys. She kept jumping up and down fangirling, the Niall blurted in. "I'll take your bags to the tour bus." When he grabbed her bags their hands touched and they were sooooooooo in love! When Niall came back from putting her bags up we were all about to get in the bus. Then Janna's brother came out of the door and gave her a hug and then we left. As we pulled out of the drive way me and Janna were sitting on the couch with harry on my side and niall on her side. Harry leaned in and kissed me on the forehead and told me how cute I am. Then he held my hand tight. I peeked over and saw Janna and Niall laughing together. Louis spoke up and said, "Truth or dare time!" We all nodded in agreement and we agreed Zayn should go first. "Truth or dare?" Liam asked. "Dare!" Zayn said excitedly! "You have to drink this milkshake!" Liam said as her grabbed a dried up and stinky milkshake we got earlier today when they first picked me up. It was 10:00pm right now and it was 1:00 pm when they got me from school. It smelled nasty! Louis shoved the milkshake in zayns face as we all changed "CHUG CHUG CHUG CHUG!!!" Zayn took one sip and went to the bathroom to throw up. We all laughed except for Liam he kept apologizing for making him sick. I laughed extra loud when Zayn started gagging again. "Laugh now but your next short stuff!" Zayn said pointing to me. I shut up immediately and he asked me "truth or dare?" "Truth" I said with a smirk knowing he couldn't make me sick with that milkshake! "Who do you like?" He asked when my fave turned red. Everyone laughed and I felt under pressure. " Harry!" I said quickly turning my head away. Everyone started giggling. The harry takes my chin and guides my face towards him then he softly kissed my lips. "I love you babe." Harry said sending chills down my spine.
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