Another World

When Allissa (Ali) gets a chance to meet one direction, she finds out that they are more than just a band, she learns that one of them might just take her to "Another World"


5. The kiss

When we got done eating harry payed and we left the restaurant. We got on the tour bus, and Niall asked me a question. "So um your friend, Janna right? Well do you think she might like me?" I looked at him in that look you give someone when you find out they like each other. I just smiled because I knew he knew the answer. Then I looked out the windows, we were on some backroad. We were not going back to the school. I felt nervous, but happy at the same time. We had drove for about 30 minutes and I knew we weren't going back. Then harry asked me to come back to the room with me. When we got there he asked me if I would go on a date with him. "We already did!" I said. "No a real date just us two!" He said and I blushed. Then I felt breathing on my neck and I saw harry leaning for a kiss. I kissed him. I ACTUALLY KISSED HARRY STYLES! OMG! Are you freakin serious, WOW so many sparks flying everywhere. It felt electric. I was speechless. We walked back into the living room like nothing had ever happened...
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