Another World

When Allissa (Ali) gets a chance to meet one direction, she finds out that they are more than just a band, she learns that one of them might just take her to "Another World"


2. Meeting them

"So Ali right?" I heard a voice asking. I turned around to see Niall asking me with his eyes widened. He was starring right into my eyes so was harry, then I looked around so was Zayn, Louis, and Liam. "May I help you with something?" I questioned kind of chuckling. "No it's just... You are soo... Nevermind." Harry was lost for words. Was I that bad, or that good? "So uh Ali wanna go eat with us?" Zayn asked. "I thought I was just gonna meet you guys then leave?" I said confused. "Well we talked about it and we think you should join us for lunch!" Louis said with a smile across his face. "Oh.. Of course!" I said kind of happy they asked. When I noticed I had just come from gym, I was in my gym suit! This was so embarrassing! "Excuse me please." I said then ran out of the office through the halls and into the locker room. I threw on my regular clothes and dashed back up to the office. They were still there luckily. "You ready?" Liam asked. I nodded and we headed out the door as I saw out of the corner of my eye, Janna. She smirked at me then walked off sassy. I felt bad I didn't invite her, but what was I supposed to do? Ruin my lunch date wit 1D? I think NOT. We headed out the door and I looked around the parking lot for their car. "Is around back" harry said. We walked around the school then my jaw dropped. I expected a normal car, but NOOOOO. THEY HAD THAT AWESOME TOUR BUS!! I was freaking out!it was so cool. We got in the bus and they gave we a piece of paper with all their phone numbers on it. I felt so happy!
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