Another World

When Allissa (Ali) gets a chance to meet one direction, she finds out that they are more than just a band, she learns that one of them might just take her to "Another World"


3. Lunch

We got to the restaurant when Niall jumped up and screamed, "LETS EAT!" It was some really fancy restaurant. I could tell by just the sign on the building. When we walked in, the waitress seated us. She passed out menus, and I didn't know what to do everything was so expensive. I was definately paying for mine! "Don't worry babe we will pay for you! Don't worry about the price!" I looked up and him sitting across from me and he winked a me. It mad me melt inside that smile, those eyes, his curls, and that wink, WOW! I looked on the menu and I decided to order a water, I wanted to be as cheap as possible. I couldn't find anything cheap on the menu so I found something that was $12.75 it was kind of cheap. It sounded gross though. I ordered it and even the waitress looked disgusted. That really did sound gross. It was called the Italiano portafalini (this place was Italian) it was butter, salt, vinegar, and garlic seasoning on top of lemon crusted raw salmon with a layer of cold cooked noodles. "She will not be ordering that!" Harry protested to the waitress. "She will get the mazzeriato parmesan." I looked up at the menu and found it, it cost $28.45. DANG that was the most expensive thing on here. I decent even look at what it was but if it had Parmesan than it had to be good! I really felt bad that it was so expensive, but then all the boys ordered the same thing to make me feel good. When we got our food I took one bite and felt like I was in heaven. It was delicious. I kept thanking harry, but he kept asking "why are you thanking me, it was only common curtesy, any boy should do that for you!" I continued to blush this was the best meal ever. I barely knew him but I knew he might just be a keeper, that is if I ever see him again.
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