Another World

When Allissa (Ali) gets a chance to meet one direction, she finds out that they are more than just a band, she learns that one of them might just take her to "Another World"


6. Apologies

When we got back into the main room we "acted" like nothing happened. But all the boys knew. "Ooooh you guys are getting all MUSHY MUSHY❤" Niall teased us. We sat down on the couch and watched a movie. I enjoyed about 20 minutes of the movie when my face when blank as I looked at a text message. It was my dad, "WHERE ARE YOU?" I wouldn't have usually had a blank expression on my face but what was I supposed to say? Im running off with 5 hot guys don't worry about me! He would make me come home i didint want that! never! I thought about for a minute then I decided to not reply. Harry must've known what happened but instead of asking what was wrong he just kissed my forehead and held me tighter. Zayn kept laughing at my face while we watched the movie, it had some scary parts and my face when I'm scared is really strange! When the movie was over I fell asleep in Harry's arms. Then about 40 minutes went by and my phone was buzzing. Harry was still awake playing with my hair just like he was 40 minutes ago! I picked up my phone and answered the call, I didn't bother to look at who it was but I got up from Harry's arms and walked to the back room. " hello?" I said questionably. "Hey it's Janna!" "Oh hey Janna." "Hey I'm sorry about looking at you mean earlier, I was just jealous!" Se said. How could I not except an apology from my best friend since pre-K. "It's okay!" I said " I noticed you didn't come back to school today and you weren't at home. I went to your house to apologize and your dad had no idea where you were. He said he texted you and I told him for you he actually was okay with it don't worry. But anyway... Are you still with them?" She asked excitedly "yes" I said even more excited. "Awesome!" "So umm do you wanna meet them?" "WHAT? But I didn't win the thing!" "Yeah but you are my best friend" "they probably don't even wanna meet me!" She said disappointed. "YES they do! Niall was asking about you!" "Seriously?" "Yeah! And me and harry are practically dating!" I said "really after only 8 hours! Girl you move fast!" She said. "Hey I'm gonna ask if we can come get you! We are going to Harry's house!" "Aren't you a little far away?" She asked. "No actually we turned around a while ago. Idk why but we are only 20 minutes away! Pack some clothes and pack me some too we will be there in 20 minutes!" I told her to pack me clothes because, yes we practically live at each others houses! We have clothes at each others houses. "Ok bye" she said and hung up. I told the boys we were going to picks her up and everyone agreed but Niall... He was super happy!
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