I'm Mrs. Styles

This is the sequel to 'I'm Pregnant'. If you haven't read the first one I do recommend reading it to understand the second one.
Stella was left off in the hospital bed with Harry by her side once again. Niall was left a new girl Brenda. Brenda just came out of the blue but could she be seeking something more than love? Envy?Hatred? Revenge?


18. Why Her *Niall's POV*

*Niall's POV*
      Brenda is great don't get me wrong but I couldn't stop thinking of that kiss. It was so warm and tender. I can't go back to that. I start to take off my shirt and change into my pajamas. I look into the mirror and I question it again. Why her? Why was she so special? No. I am going to make myself a little test. If I don't feel anything with Brenda there is something desperately wrong. 
      I walk out to Brenda on the bed in her underwear. She was laying there looking through her phone. I laid next to her. I kissed her shoulder and started kissing her neck. She gives a half smile and puts her phone on the table on the side of the bed. She starts to kiss too. I was focused on my shaky hands. I was nervous. I kept kissing her neck and started moving down. I started kissing down to her neck right in between both her breasts. I placed my left hand on her right breast. Her toes curled.  I moved lower and kissed her stomach. She moaned.  I kept going I don't know if it was her turning me on or just the fact I was feeling in the mood tonight. I pull down her underwear as he unhooked her bra. I take of my boxers and I start to lean in closer. I start to go at it as we both moan and groan. 
       I stop. I thought I heard her say 'Harry'. "What did you say?" 
       "Harr-der!" I'm guessing she said it in between moans. It sounded like Harry. I felt a sick feeling in my stomach. The thought of Harry and Stella. I shake it off and I keep going. She goes on top and I lay on my back. 
       Right when I close my eyes I imagined Stella, back in the airplane. I open my eyes and find Brenda. She gets off and lays right next to me. We both breathe heavily and she opens the cabinet to get a cigarette. I kept thinking of Stella. We both sat up from the bed and I had a blank expression on my face.  Her smile her eyes her hair it all busied my mind. Why must Harry have her?
        "Pass me one" I say. 
       "But you don't smoke." Brenda says. 
       "Yeah I know but trust me I need one right now."
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