I'm Mrs. Styles

This is the sequel to 'I'm Pregnant'. If you haven't read the first one I do recommend reading it to understand the second one.
Stella was left off in the hospital bed with Harry by her side once again. Niall was left a new girl Brenda. Brenda just came out of the blue but could she be seeking something more than love? Envy?Hatred? Revenge?


10. The Start Of The Visit

         Everything was set perfectly. He extended his arm. I looked at him and smiled. I sat there completely stumped on the sofa. I was tired. He walked over quickly to the radio and played Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight. I loved it. He went back to position. He had his arm extended and I again smiled. We had a couple of minutes on our hands so I grabbed his hand. He swooped me up and twirled me. I giggled and tilted my head back as he spun me around in the living room. We hadn't exchanged any words just laughs and. Managed to have so much fun. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. I laid my head on his chest and we rocked back and forth. My blue dress stopped flowing and was switching back and forth along with me. I closed my eyes and as I closed y eyes he started to sing. I practically melted into his arms as he sang in such a soft tone. Almost as if it was a hum. I almost lost control of my body. His voice was incredible. We stopped rocking and he stayed there holding me. I was deeply in love with him. 
         "Marry me." 
          "Harry? Wha-We are-Not now" I say quickly looking at him. We are too young to getting married. The public doesn't even know that I exist. Of coarse I wanted to marry him but not now. 
          "Why not? Why can't we get marr-" And thank god the door bell rang. 
          "Harry please. I love you but not now. You haven't even met my family yet. Let's at least get through this night first please." I look at him. He was blank nothing. He wasn't sad nor mad. He understood me. It's as if reality struck and we are young. Too young. 
            I swung the door opened and faked such a great smile. "Mom! Dad!" I hug them and welcome them in. Harry stood there in the living room. He looked so awkward and so nervous. 
          "Who's that?" My mum says all of a sudden. 
           "Mom. Dad," I close the door and walk through them and walk to Harry. I stood next to him and grabbed his arm. "This is Harry. He's my boyfriend and this is our home." I end with such an awkward smile and I knew it. My parents were there with their jaws dropped. I'm not sure if it was the house or the fact that I am dating Harry Styles. 
         "This Stella is such a beautiful home. " My mom dropped her coat as if she didn't care on our sofa. She took a couple of steps forward a looked up at the ceiling. My dad on the other had said "You two? When? Sex? Protection? Engaged?" He was the type that would ask hundreds of questions all at one time. 
        "No sir. We are not engaged. We are too young." Harry says making no eye contact to me. He kept his eyes straight to my father almost as if he payed no attention to me. I only held his arm a little tighter. I wanted him to know that wasn't the only reason. 
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