I'm Mrs. Styles

This is the sequel to 'I'm Pregnant'. If you haven't read the first one I do recommend reading it to understand the second one.
Stella was left off in the hospital bed with Harry by her side once again. Niall was left a new girl Brenda. Brenda just came out of the blue but could she be seeking something more than love? Envy?Hatred? Revenge?


22. The Day Has Come

Today is the day! I get up quickly out of bed and rush to the restroom hoping that Harry heard me. 
    "Babe! Today is the day! Let me kiss you!"
     "No Harry! It's bad luck to see the bride!" I say leaned against the door. 
      "Okay then. Well I'm going to go and eat breakfast and get ready for today!" 
        "Okay then. Go!" I say laughing. I heard faint foot steps and I guessed the coast was clear. I slowly get out the door and Harry grabs me and swoops me in his arms like we are already married. He had his eyes closed and just waited with pursed lips to receive a kiss. I kissed him gently and he slowly placed me down still keeping his eyes closed. He carefully bit my lower lip and I smiled. I slowly trace his tongue with mine smoothly. His arms were wrapped around me. I pull back and open my eyes. He opened his and smiled. 
       "Let's go get married." I whispered. He laughs and kisses my cheek and runs out the door to the front. I follow him. He opens the front door and looks at me. 
        "Oh babe I love ya! Next time I see you, you better be my wife!" He laughs and closes the front door. I laugh and find myself skipping to the bedroom. My phone once again rings. 
       "Hello?" I answer. 
         "Hello babe!" El fakes a British accent. I laugh because it was terrible. 
        "Yes? How may I help you madam?" I asked. 
        "Darling. In getting on the plane now and I should be there for the party!" She yelled. I was really excited. We said good bye and I hung up the phone. I grab the makeup and my beautiful dress and head to the car waiting outside with my made of honor. 
        I get into the car and find Danielle Eleanor Sam Perrie and Brenda.  I squeeze in with the girls yapping of how excited they are. The nerves were getting to me but I tried shaking them off. I'm only getting married. Why am I getting nervous? This is supposed to be a really good day. I look at Sam and she is super excited. With one look from her I smiled and thought of the idea of marrying Harry. There isn't anything to worry about. 
      We pulled up to the church. It looked so beautiful and huge. I felt small compared to it. 
       "Hey honey let's get you ready." Perrie says as she grabs my hand and runs into the church doors. We both stopped and took in how beautiful it was on the inside. 
      "Wow." Sam gasped. We walked in and the sunlight hit the podium. It gleamed and I thought of seeing Harry up there. We walked into the little room to get ready.  
      "You ready?" Danielle asks while helping me with my makeup. I nod my head 'yes'. 
       "You sure you want to do this and marry-Harry?" Brenda asked. She paused when she said Harry. I turned and replied. 
       "Of coarse I'm sure. Go get dress-my dearest made of honor." I said. She left and a short time after she came back with her dress. Huge ruffles on the top and bottom of her dress in the most horrendous color ever mucky green. 
       "Where's the hat?" I asked looking at her trying not to laugh. "You have to wear the hat and the gloves!" Brenda's face was priceless. 
       "Oh! I have it right here with me!" Sam said as he tossed the hat and pair of gloves to Brenda. Everyone except Brenda was trying hard not to laugh. 
       "You will pay. You'll be holding my veil for Harry's second wedding." Brenda said under her breath. 
       "Well honey if he would have wanted you this would be your wedding. But it isn't right?" I respond. 
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