I'm Mrs. Styles

This is the sequel to 'I'm Pregnant'. If you haven't read the first one I do recommend reading it to understand the second one.
Stella was left off in the hospital bed with Harry by her side once again. Niall was left a new girl Brenda. Brenda just came out of the blue but could she be seeking something more than love? Envy?Hatred? Revenge?


19. The Brave Yes

        "Yes." I say when I woke up right next to Harry. The sun was hitting him perfectly. His green eyes gleamed. 
          "What?" He grunted. He rubbed his eyes squinting because of the sunlight. 
         "Yes. I'll marry you." I smile. He wakes up and scrambles up out of bed. 
         "Yes! She said yes! I love Stella! Stella said yes! Stella Styles!" He kept screaming. It's been a couple of days since the hit and the incident but I have made up my mind. He leans in and kisses me. He starts to kiss a bit more passionately. I lean in even more. I touch his bare chest and with his massive hands grabs me by my waist and pulls me closer to him. He goes down on my and making my toes curl and making me have to hold on to the bed sheets. I moaned and screamed and he only went harder and faster. He kept kissing me and I kept kissing him. Then I go down on him. He groans and I only go deeper and harder. We both sat up on the bed tired. We both were breathing heavily. I looked at him and he looked at me. We both nodded and we went at it again. 
        He actually had rubbed me raw. I had trouble getting up from bed. We both were drenched in sweat and yet in didn't matter. We were both happy. Harry got up slowly and decided to call up almost everyone he knows to tell them the big news. 
       "Hey Sam. I said yes! Harry and I are getting married." I called up Sam. 
        "Oh wow! That is great! I'm so happy for the two of you! So, have you guys?" I laughed. She already knew.
        "I knew it! Well I'm glad you made up your mind and forgot about the thing that happened." She whispered the last thing but I understood. I thought of the kiss again. He had those blue eyes that can drive any girl crazy. 
       "Yeah we'll I have to call Liz and tell her the big news. " I say in return. 
       "Oh! I haven't talked to her in such a long time. She's the only one I like." Sam said. We hung up the phone. 
       "Hey sis!" I say into the phone. "Well I wanted to tell you I getting married to Harry Styles. I know I'm young but he's wonderful. He's in a band and he is so great. You should swing by sometime. Bye Liz" I said inti the phone. She didn't pick up but I left her this message. She and I are the only news who made it though that family okay. She was the reason why I left. Hopefully she had gotten the message. 
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