I'm Mrs. Styles

This is the sequel to 'I'm Pregnant'. If you haven't read the first one I do recommend reading it to understand the second one.
Stella was left off in the hospital bed with Harry by her side once again. Niall was left a new girl Brenda. Brenda just came out of the blue but could she be seeking something more than love? Envy?Hatred? Revenge?


24. Some Night *Harry's POV*

*Harry's POV* 
     I lied down on the sofa in my now empty home. Stella is with Niall now. Now I have these wedding gifts that I have to return now. I have this wedding cake that has to be gone soon. So many things that remind me of her right now. I don't want to even drink because I'm at the point of not wanting to do anything anymore. I heard the doorbell ring. I ignored it but then I heard knocks after knocks. I got up slowly and opened the door. 
     "Yes?" I chocked.
     "You must be Harry. " She said with a smile.  
    "Yes. Might I ask who are you?" 
     "Oh I'm Liz. Your new sister in law." She reached in for a hug. She smelled really nice. It was subtle and sweet. 
     "Come inside please." I said. "Do sit." I pointed at the sofa I was laying earlier in. 
      "So where's the new bride?"She asked with a smile. 
      "We didn't get married. She chose Niall instead." I looked down at my feet trying not to cry.  There was a very long pause. My knees felt weak and I staggered a bit. 
     "I'm so sorry." She got up and hugged me. She was warm and she held me tightly and she whispered something but I paid no attention to it. 
      "Harry? Do you need a drink?" She said as she let go. I nodded my head and she headed to the bar. I sat down on the sofa looking at her. She looked nothing like Stella. She handed me my drink and I gulped it all. 
     "So? What's it like being in a band?" She asked. She wanted me to get my mind off of her. I responded and she always had several questions for me to answer. One after another she asked eventually I did my mind off of her. I then started to ask her questions. We had a lot more in common than anyone I ever known. She gleamed at every question and answer. 
      "Can I get another drink love?" I asked with a pleasing smile. 
       "Sure thing. "She grabbed my glass and headed back to the bar. I looked  her and there was a glow. It was either the alcohol or just her but she is so beautiful. She smiled as she made the drinks. She had this thing for making the best of people. I loved that. I opened my mouth to say something that would break the ice. 
      "You are beautiful. " I closed my mouth immediately and covered my face with my hands. I knew I was red. I looked up at her. She handed me the drink and laughed. She kissed my cheek. Let's see what it goes from there. 
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