I'm Mrs. Styles

This is the sequel to 'I'm Pregnant'. If you haven't read the first one I do recommend reading it to understand the second one.
Stella was left off in the hospital bed with Harry by her side once again. Niall was left a new girl Brenda. Brenda just came out of the blue but could she be seeking something more than love? Envy?Hatred? Revenge?


3. No One Really Knows The Real 'Her' *Gemma's POV*

           Brenda has always been a nice person. She has been a huge part of the family and now she gets to see Harry a lot more. I find that really awkward now. I had always thought that Harry and Brenda would be a perfect couple. I was wrong. Stella is perfect. She had made a mistake and it was before she met Harry which was kinda sketchy but still. He was happy. I walk over to Sam and Stella. 
        "Hey I'm Gemma. Harry's sister!" I smile and shake my hand. 
         "I'm Samantha. You can call me Sam." She smiled. Stella practically chugged the water down. 
          "Hey Gemma. Who is Brenda?" Stella asked. I'm guessing she only knew part of the story. 
           "She was a huge part of our family. Harry and Brenda were inseparable. Anyway right before Harry and 'White Eskimo'" I had to pause and laugh. I swear why does Harry have to be the one to come up with the band names? "Sorry had to laugh there. Anyway she was the one who went to every single on of their practices and was the one who told Harry to try put for X-Factor. They were nothing serious. They were just best friends." I smiled trying to lighten the mood a bit. I didn't really want to be the one to tell Stella that Brenda and Harry were a bit of an item. She smiled back but I'm pretty sure I should have just mentioned that they were just friends. 
                  "Hello love!" Harry wrapped his arms around Stella. He really likes her-loves her. He's such a flirt though and yet I feel sorry for the girls' heats that are left broken. I leave to get a drink when Brenda cuts me off. 
                 "Oh. Gemma. Can I talk to you please?" She said. She had a vein popping out of her forehead. She was furious. Niall was talking to Zayn completely unaware of how Brenda is right now. 
               "Yeah. What's u-" she cut me off. 
               "That whore barfed on me. That's what's up. Now you said I'd be with Harry. What the fuck! I don't have Harry's arms wrapped around me right now! Now I don't want to seem like a bitch here but look here is how it's all going to play in. Harry is your brother give me his weaknesses. You know you want me to be the one. We've been friends for so long. I love you like a sister," she leaned in close to me. She had soften up her voice a bit. "Gem. Please understand that I am the one. I am the one for Harry." She stopped. 
               "Hey babe!" It was Niall. Thank god he came right now before I bow my top off. I couldn't believe how ridiculous she had become. She's almost obsessive! Niall had come between. Us and he kissed her so passionately as she widened her eyes completely open and staring at me. With her blank stare I knew she was thinking 'Harry'. 
               Who has she become?
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