year in the making

niall is a vibrant 17 yr old he gets the chance of a life time to go try out for xfactor. along the way he meats 4 athourgh boys that he gets to be in a band with.


1. getting the news

niall's p.o.v


i woke from my bed, startled from the yell of my mum saying "niall beakefast is ready." i ran down stairs and smelt the smell of bacon and toast. i said to my mum "what is the ecation, u only make breakfast like this if there is an ecation mum." the room was quiet then sudenly my mum said "well u are going to try out for XFACTOR." i yelled i was so happy to be doing something that i wanted to do for a long time.


mura's p.o.v


i had just told niall he was so happy chap. we had to travel to londen to try out. i didnt tell him that we had to fly to londen but i wasnt going to.




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