year in the making

niall is a vibrant 17 yr old he gets the chance of a life time to go try out for xfactor. along the way he meats 4 athourgh boys that he gets to be in a band with.


2. flying to londen

niall's p.o.v

i packed my bags and jumpped in the car, mum soon followed. i just thought that we had to go to the arenaer here in ireland, but i was rong. i said quietly to my mum "where are we going, and why are we going there." mum didnt awenser.

mura's p.o.v

niall had just asked me where i was taking him and why, i didnt awenser but he was getting saspishes starting to find out where we where going. i heard him say "why are we at the airport." i didnt reply.

niall's p.o.v

we had got to the airport and we had just boarded the 11 o'clock flight to londen. mum didnt tell me this at all.



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