Black hearts and a red rose

Maya's brother can't handle their parents splitting up as well as maya can, and has resorted to drugs and stealing. 16 year old maya tries to help himself on the right path but it's hurting her tremondously. An what about her possibly more than friend best friend Harry? What will he do to help herself? Will they fall in love though she knows she cant?


1. Weight of the world

I slounched in the chair as the officer told me the story. I didn't know how to react. I knew my brother was doing drugs and I was trying to help him, but I never thought it would go this far. Selling? At school? I felt stunned, shocked. I could feel the tears in my throat but I couldn't let them out. I had to be tough. I swallowed my feelings.
"I am so sorry officer. I promise It will never happen again."
I glance at my brother, Matt sitting in the chair. His hair hung low in his eyes and he refused to look at me. Where was my mom? Where was my dad? Why did I have to deal with this? I was still a kid for christs sake. But then again so was he and I had to watch out for him. I took a deep breath and once again tried to take over the role of the parent. My mom was probably sobbing her eyes out and my dad, well. For all I know he could be in china. He wasn't here often. I turned to Matt.
"Do you understand what the officers saying?"
Matt was crying but trying not to show it.
He murmured something.
"Speak up!"
"This is bullshit!" he screamed and stormed out the room.
I apologized to the officer and ran after him.
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