Without You I Would Be Lost

I was an 11 year old girl.I lived under a bridge.I had lived there since I was 6.But this boy always came to visit me.I lived in Westmeath,Ireland.The boys name was Niall.He tries out for xfactor.But when he becomes famous,Niall comes back to get to bring with him.Will Niall and I be for forever.


5. That Night

I was still crying when we got back to Niall's house.I wanted to be alone for a minute.I went to Niall's room.I cried in there.After 5 minutes,Niall walked in."I made a song for you."Niall said.He got back out his guitar."This is how it goes."Niall said."You have always been strong.You would always fight.Everytime you cried,I felt bad inside.I know you were a lost little girl.Frightened.It was like a battle for you.I'm sure someone loves you.But always remember.I got your back.You are my friend.I will protect you now until the end." "Thanks Niall." I hugged him.He smiled.We layed down that night to go to sleep.

5 years later.........

Me and Niall are 13.We dropped out of school.Niall was getting better at his singing.I was proud of him.We were best friends.But inside I wanted us to be more.Greg always made fun of Niall because of him singing all the time.I enjoyed him singing.I was always asking him to sing.I think he enjoyed to sing to me too.

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