Without You I Would Be Lost

I was an 11 year old girl.I lived under a bridge.I had lived there since I was 6.But this boy always came to visit me.I lived in Westmeath,Ireland.The boys name was Niall.He tries out for xfactor.But when he becomes famous,Niall comes back to get to bring with him.Will Niall and I be for forever.


4. Niall's Home

Niall had a huge room.I sat down on his bed.Niall got his little guitar out from his closet.He started to sing a song.Niall sang very good for a 8 year old.I sat there and listened to him.Niall's 13 year old brother,Greg,walked into the room."Don't mind him.He sings all the time."Greg said.He walked out of the bedroom.I actually didn't mind Niall singing.When he was finished,I smiled.It seemed as if I liked him.But I won't learn that I really love him until later.Niall starred at me."Hey do you want to go outside?"Niall asked."Sure."I replied.Niall took my hand.We ran outside.He had a little swing set.I ran up to the swings."Push me."I said."Ok."Niall said.Niall pushed me on the swing.Everything was going fine.But then we heard an ambulance.The ambulance pulled up to Levi's house.Niall and I looked at each other.We ran over to Levi's house.Levi was put in the ambulance.His parents were crying."Whats going on with Levi Niall?"I asked."I don't know."Niall replied.But we over heard his parents.Levi body stopped responding due to cancer.The doctors weren't sure if they could save him.Niall begged his mom to take us to see Levi.She finally took us.When we did get there,Levi was barely there.Everyone looked at his blue eyes one more time.His mum picked him up.She kissed his face.2 minutes later,Levi died inside his mum's arms.Niall and I left.On the way back to his house,I cried.Niall hugged me.I fell asleep next to Niall.

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