Without You I Would Be Lost

I was an 11 year old girl.I lived under a bridge.I had lived there since I was 6.But this boy always came to visit me.I lived in Westmeath,Ireland.The boys name was Niall.He tries out for xfactor.But when he becomes famous,Niall comes back to get to bring with him.Will Niall and I be for forever.


3. Me and Levi

Levi and I sat against the wall.I talked to him for awhile.Niall finally ran around the corner.I jumped up and hugged him."Niall!"I yelled."Hey Kaileigh."Niall said.Oh,did I also forget to mention that we were 8.Anyways,Niall pointed at Levi."Niall this is Levi.We have to help him get home.He has cancer.He needs to go to the doctor."I said."Ok.Levi do you remember which way is your home?"Niall asked."Yes.Its this way."Levi replied.Levi got up.We followed him to a little town of homes."He must live close to me.You see that white house on the top of the hill.That's my house."Niall said.Levi lead us to this little blue house."This is my house."Levi said."Ok.Well nice meeting you Levi."I said.Levi walked into his house.Me and Niall walked back to the bridge.But we stopped at a tree."Kaileigh please come back home with me."Niall said."Your mum won't want me there.Nobody does."I said.I leaned on Niall and cried."She won't mind."Niall said."Fine.Lets go see."I said.Niall took my hand.He walked me to his house.Niall and I walked in.Niall's mum looked at me."Niall who is this sweetie?"Niall's mum asked kindly."Mum she is my new friend.Her name is Kaileigh."Niall said."Where is her parents?" "She doesn't have any.She lives under that bridge down by the school.Can she stay with us?" "Well if she lives under a bridge with no parents,I guess she can stay with us." "Thank you mum!" Niall hugged his mum.Niall took my hand and lead me to his room.

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