Without You I Would Be Lost

I was an 11 year old girl.I lived under a bridge.I had lived there since I was 6.But this boy always came to visit me.I lived in Westmeath,Ireland.The boys name was Niall.He tries out for xfactor.But when he becomes famous,Niall comes back to get to bring with him.Will Niall and I be for forever.


2. After the First Day

I layed up against the wall of the bridge.It was cold outside.I had no warmth to me at all.I felt gushes of wind blow up against me.Some how I fell asleep.I heard footsteps run up toward me.I felt someone lay a blanket on me.The footsteps soon ran off into the distance.I opened my eyes.This blue and green blanket ran upon me.It reminded me of Niall.Sure enough there was a note from Niall attached to the blanket.The note said:

Dear Kaileigh,

When I was outside playing,I felt the coldness.So I brought you my favorite,warm blanket.I hope the blanket can keep you warm enough tonight.



I hugged the blanket.He was right,the blanket was very warm.I woke up early in the morning.I watched kids run with their mums to school.One lady was nice enough to come to me and give me some bread to eat.I thanked her.Her son ran off to school.I was excited for Niall to come back.I walked down by the river.I seen a boy drowning in the water.I ran to get him.I pulled him out of the water.I didn't know who he was.It was sure enough that it wasn't Niall.After I got the boy called down,I started to talk to him."Whats your name?"I asked."My name is Levi."The boy replied."Nice to meet you Levi.My name is Kaileigh." "Hi Kaileigh.I am lost.Could you help me." "Sure." The boy was at least 5.He looked sick."I have to get back home.I wont be able to go to my doctor until I get back home."the boy said."Why do you go to the hospital?"I asked."I have cancer." "Oh.Well once my friend gets here we will get you home." "Ok.When does your friend come?" "He will come soon." I covered the boy up with the blanket.I was waiting for Niall to come.

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